Uganda VoIP business

Find your key to success in business with GSM termination in Uganda

GSM termination activity helps people to make money using elementary IT skills. To start this business you need a device (VoIP/GSM gateways) to locate in Uganda and traffic. Device converts international calls into local ones and VoIP signal into GSM. You play role of operator and get extremely high income.

GSM termination business in Uganda (ANTRAX 2019)

Call VoIP GSM termination business profit in Uganda Infographic ANTRAX 2019
GSM termination business profit in Uganda Infographic ANTRAX 2019

So are you looking for the profitable destination? Try Uganda!

What will you need? TOP 5 tips for GSM terminators in Uganda:HiRes

  • get source of buying sim cards
  • get good internet in Uganda
  • get a device (GSM termination equipment)
  • find location in Uganda where you’ll install it
  • be ready to work and earn
GSM termination in Uganda - Infographic ANTRAX
GSM termination in Uganda – Infographic ANTRAX

GSM termination consultation

LOCAL COST (operator, country), 0.02$ MIN
ROUTE COST (to country), 0.06$ MIN
INCOME (difference between local cost and route cost), 0.04$ MIN
INCOME (average costs), MONTHLY up to 19200$
ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (package of equipment) 9400$

Are you from Africa? – Let’s make business together.

How does GSM termination business work?

It works pretty easy. You have to install everything and monitore system then you’ll get your money. You will be taught to control the system by our specialists. We are aimed at long-term relationship with our customers. Our customers are our friends. Manager will make the best offer for you and help to form an individual configuration which will be the most suitable for your region.
Business in Uganda

There are different countries in the world. Some of them are profitable and some are unprofitable destinations. What can I say? Africa is amazing for this business! Among African countries – mostly all of them are profitable enough.

ANTRAX managers are professionals with huge experience in this field. We will gladly make the best business plan for you and will tell about an ideal way to start business in your specific country.

If you are a successful businessman or employed, maybe you are a doctor or a teacher, or an experienced IT guy – in any case you have a chance to open new possibilities to make good money.

Idea of business is simple enough and you just need to have a confidentiality and readiness to start.

It’s almost impossible to believe that investing 10000$ you can get 20000$ a month or even more!
Here you can find Ugandan Call Termination routes.

There are a lot of successful stories of our partners we know. Initially they came to us with the same question: “How can I make money with GSM termination in Uganda?” or “What do I need to start?” or “I don’t know anything. Tell me how can I understand the work of the system”. The same questions you have probably.

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Fill the form here and our manager will be your guide to GSM termination.
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