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What is GSM termination: a profitable business, the good mission or fraud?

Over the past 10 years business of voice traffic (VoIP) termination evolved from semi-legal startup to one of the most profitable sectors of telecommunications. Owners of VoIP-GSM gateways receive large profit. At the same time the media space is filled with news about the so-called illegal interference with telecommunication systems of mobile operators by GSM terminators. We can read that the main enemies who set traps for mobile operators are GSM terminators. Is that true?

If you monitor and analyse such “incriminating” publications, it becomes clear that they are all made in the same particular way. In the end of such articles authors accuse GSM terminatiors of using quite obvious epithets such as “hackers”, “on-line scammers”, “mobile traffic pirates”, “illegal routers” and so on.

It is necessary to set the record straight in order to understand if the GSM termination is a common scam or technological innovation. To understand it better we address for advice to Olga SAIKO, an expert of VoIP communications of Flames GROUP company with seven years experience in this field.

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Olga, in your opinion what goals are pursued by GSM terminators and entrepreneurs who buy or just want to buy a GSM gateway?

First of all, any investor is focused on profit. Thus, a businessman who decided to invest in the telecommunications sector relies on good and stable income. Business of GSM termination is the same as  any other IT project.

If it is a usual business, why we sometimes do encounter some criticism of this type of income in the Internet?

I would name two reasons. Firstly it is a bad business experience, and secondly there are articles sponsored by mobile operators.

Tell me more about these reasons, please.

If we talk about people who could not find a niche in the business of GSM termination, they can be authors of such articles.

That is why they hate the field that turned into fiasco for them. Such people are quite common in any field. For example, I met angry articles in 80-s  whose authors wrote that the IT sphere would collapse in the nearest future.

In fact, these people just were not able to secure a return on investment because they did not percept this issue seriously, and as a consequence were trapped. And in response to all above mentioned, the criticism erupted towards the entire Silicon Valley. Is not it funny now to read such opuses, while the budget of some IT companies is exceeding the budget of entire countries.

And what are “sponsored papers” from operators?

In fact, GSM termination is not only a profitable business but also a science that aims at developing communication and make it easier and cheaper. As for the mobile communication, the GSM terminators can make it cheaper.

This is especially true for international calls. Specialists in the field of voice traffic termination using VoIP-GSM gateways managed to combine expensive mobile network and free Internet network. ANTRAX company also takes a considerable part in this process.

Remember the rates for mobile communications 10 years ago? They were colossal! You had to pay for connection and for incoming calls, and price for roaming was enormous.

When we began to place VoIP-GSM gateways across the planet and conduct free calls over the Internet, mobile operators were forced to reduce their prices. That is why we sometimes encounter such sponsored articles that scum GSM terminators who allegedly interfere with the process of telecommunications.

In fact, these articles are more like criticism from the clergy of the Middle Ages in relation to doctors who sought to know the structure of the human body to make our lives healthier. The same is with the GSM termination. It is a profitable business which makes communication cheaper.

That is why mobile operators are financially interested in such a kind of publications. Their goal is to minimize business of the GSM termination, regain monopoly on calls and also return high prices for calls. So do not just pay attention to the operators’ attempts to protect you from a profitable business. And you can start this business right now with ANTRAX

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