What does effects on call termination price
December 4, 2017

What does effects on call termination price

Call termination (aka. GSM termination) – is a merge of Internet networks and mobile networks. Simply put, Internet network is called VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and mobile network is called GSM.

If you are looking to start new profitable business and considering GSM termination business this article is for you, we will explain you most important details on which you need to navigate before venturing this business.

Business opportunities in Uganda
November 27, 2017

Business opportunities in Uganda

Business opportunities in Uganda. Population in Uganda nowadays is 41,49 million people and more than 70% are using mobile phones and are cellular users.

As Africa region is very profitable and good market for GSM termination, Uganda is not an exception because of high population and cheap local calls.

Quora answer
June 6, 2017

Most interesting answers and reviews about Call termination from Quora

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What are the best GSM-Termination software?

People from many countries say that they has used different equipment and consequently chooses ANTRAX equipment. It’s not a secret to anybody that for well established GSM termination business you need not only quality equipment but also good software to minimize many issues.


May 26, 2017

Facebook comments and reviews about GSM termination

Facebook users comment on GSM termination business

Check out one of the detailed response about GSM termination business

Jide Usman: “Gentlemen and Ladies GSM termination is a cool business in the telecom space. GSM termination is a telecom service where a local receiver receives phone calls from an international caller showing a local line. (more…)

GSM Termination — International Business available to all
May 24, 2017

GSM Termination — International Business available to all!

How often do you use mobile phone to talk? You just come to think of it. Mobile connection is certainly one of the most prominent discoveries of the 20th century. Regardless of whether it is a city, a country or a continent, everyone of us can easily get or send information instantly at any time. This invention doesn’t have any limits or boundaries. Nearly every resident of our planet owns mobile phone. Can you say the same thing about personal computer, refrigerator or automobile? — No! (more…)

How to beat Anti Fraud
May 18, 2017

How to beat Anti-fraud Systems in Call Termination Business

On the way to successful GSM termination business there is a significant obstacle – it’s a blocking of SIM cards. Why is this happening? It’s simple. The thing is that mobile operators-monopolists know about the existence of GSM terminators, who take some of their profits. That’s why they developed a special software called Anti-Fraud, whose main task is to detect the GSM termination equipment and immediately block the SIM cards in it. This program is the main enemy of GSM terminators in their business. We can not know all the details of the operation of this system, since the operators hide the information about this program.
We will tell about the main aspects of this program that we managed to identify. (more…)

May 16, 2017

Top 5 mistakes made by newbies in GSM termination

Business in the sphere of telecommunications is considered to be one of the most stable.It is not subjected to effect of economic crises and will always bring profit. But a newbie in this field must be aware of the facts that have an impact on GSM terminator’s earnings. We have worked out Top 5 mistakes in GSM termination to help you avoid them. If you exerscise sensible approach you will be able to prevent loss and increase the income from this business. (more…)

TOP 4 profitable destinations
May 5, 2017

TOP 4 profitable destinations for GSM termination business

Telecommunication sphere, mobile technologies are the most popular and marginable business opportunities in the 21 century. You might understand you can hardly meet somebody who doesn’t use mobile phone nowadays. Do you agree? GSM termination is directly connected with mobile network. This business is wide-spread all over the world now. To start this VoIP business project there is no need to be professional IT guy, at the same time it is pretty simple. Basic IT skills and business structure understanding (organization, monitoring, support) will be enough for initiation. (more…)