Philippines SMS termination
May 29, 2019

SMS termination business in Philippines

Philippines is very good market for this business, because population there is over 104 million people. Almost all of them use mobile phones every day, so that means that telecom sphere in Philippines is very popular and profitable. This time lets talk about termination business in Philippines.

SMS termination in Poland - business opportunity for everyone
May 23, 2019

SMS termination in Poland – business opportunity for everyone

Today we will tell about a very interesting and profitable business in Poland, which can be done by anyone who has starting capital of $ 4,000 and has 4-5 hours of time every day. It will be a question of the direction in telecommunications. As many of you know, the areas of telecommunications and IT are developing with amazing speed, and business in these areas brings billions of dollars to their owners every year. And we will talk about how to become part of this direction.

SMS termination in Iran - way to get extra profit
April 24, 2019

SMS termination in Iran – way to get an extra profit

Today we want to share with you another way to make money in telecommunication in Iran – termination of SMS messages. SMS termination is the delivery of international SMS messages, as well as SMS messages from the Internet, through local Iranian SIM cards of mobile operators.


SMS termination in Nigeria
April 17, 2019

Make extra money on SMS termination in Nigeria

Today we are going to talk about SMS termination in Nigeria.

As you know, Nigeria is one of the best countries for Call termination business, as there is much call traffic. Earlier we used to talk about voice traffic (international calls) and today we will talk about SMS traffic in Nigeria.