antrax architecture open sourced

Did you know than ANTRAX SIM server software is open sourced?

Did you know that ANTRAX provides it’s software open sourced? So everyone can install it, do some edits and use to make VoIP calls. Click here to download ANTRAX software.

Let us tell more about ANTRAX and how it can be used. ANTRAX is a solution to termination of voice traffic from VoIP to GSM network.

ANTRAX open sourced software Overview

ANTRAX consists of the next main components:

  • control server – central component of the system, could be only one
  • sim server – control SIMB, SIMBOX60 and SIMBOX120 devices, could be one or more
  • voice server – control GSMB, GSMB2, GSMB3, GSMBOX4 and GSMBOX8 devices and process VoIP, could be one or more
  • gui client – application which allows configure and monitor the system, could run as many instances as necessary

ANTRAX components communicate with each other by RMI.


As already mentioned control server is a central component of the system. Main goal of control server is to connect SIM card with GSM module based on given logic. Also it stores all configuration and statistics in database, communicates with gui client and performs routing of VoIP traffic on soft switch.


Main function of sim-server is to find new SIM card, read necessary information and then process requests on it.


Main function of voice-server is to find unused GSM module and then connect it with provided SIM card. Unions of GSM module and SIM card called call channel and they are using to process termination and origination calls.


GUI-client installed from control server by using Java Web Start technology. It communicates with control server from which it was installed and allows to configure and monitor current system.


ANTRAX declares special plugins api to separate system from user business logic. plugins api provide next main API groups:

  • IMEI generator – rules for generating IMEI of GSM modules
  • call filter – rules for filtering call numbers
  • sms filter – rules for filtering sms numbers
  • business activity – rules for behavior of SIM card on one voice server
  • action provider – rules for behavior of SIM card on different voice servers
  • sim server factor – rules for taking order of SIM card from control server
  • voice server factor – rules for taking order of call channels for terminating
  • gateway selector – rules for choosing order of voice servers for taking SIM card
  • incoming call management – rules for processing incoming calls
  • activity period – rules for activity limitations of SIM card on one voice server
  • session period – rules for activity limitations of SIM card on different voice servers

Module scripts is a reference implementation of plugins api with all available for now generators, filters, factors and other logics.

Soft switch

Currently as soft switch in antrax system uses Yate. On Yate side interfacing of different VoIP protocols is accomplished and transcoding of audio codecs (if necessary). Coordination of different VoIP protocols as well as transcoding of audio codecs (if necessary) is fulfilled on Yate side. In its turn control server uses Yate external module protocol to communicate with Yate.


antrax architecture open sourced
ANTRAX uses multiple modules Maven project layout.
In addition there is a storage module with DAO layer and migration scripts.

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