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We care for every customer and consider all possible ways of cooperation that you are willing to offer us, whether it is a purchase of GSM termination equipment or reservation prepayment and full payment when the equipment will be delivered.


We value your precious time and we believe that every service should be provided not only properly but also in the shortest possible terms. Here in Flames Group we try to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. Flexibility and speed are our main priorities.


Flexible system of discounts and exclusive rates for regular customers, a variety of payment options – these options bring the affordability of the ANTRAX VoIP termination system to unprecedented level.

Assistance in the product mastering

Mastering of the voice traffic termination system ANTRAX will never be a problem for you. Our experts will pay you as much time as you need to feel delighted, using our product. You will never stay alone.

Functionality expansion

Lack of the necessary functions is not a problem anymore. According to your specification requirements, our experts will integrate the missing functionality to the SIM server.

Dealers Network

Flames Group is expanding its dealer trade network. New Clients are always welcomed!

Joint expansion

In every, even the slightest success of yours, we see our little victory. You – are the person who we work for.