VoIP support

We connect providers, telecom companies and resellers (in the VoIP field it is called interconnect) which provide us with the most competitive rates to all destinations around the world. Adding just a small margin, we resell the routes to operators and companies providing services for consumers.

  • 10 years on the market;
  • perfect reputation;
  • transit of more than 20 million minutes of voice traffic per month;
  • software development in the area of telecommunication services;
  • trust of financial partners – unsecured loans from Rietumu bank.
  • clarity and openness — audited by KPMG

Below you can see the steps to start cooperation:

  1. We do not disclose any information about our clients.

    The whole negotiation process with our prospective and current clients is strictly confidential.

  2. We verify

    We collect and verify information about our prospective clients. Usually there are references from our current clients, information regarding financial stability, on-time payments, etc.

  3. We sign a contract

    We determine our client’s needs. We exchange IP addresses of client’s equipment. To speed up the process we usually communicate via email.

  4. We start working

    Voice traffic exchange begins.