anti-anti-fraud system

Graphical User Interface

GUI is a single platform that enables easy management and monitoring of entire ANTRAX system. GUI is compatible with any OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Monitoring, statistics, management, and configuration can be done in real time. Our software has configurable options and settings that will help you to operate the equipment and traffic from one location.

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Key Benefits of termination software:

Our graphical interface enables you to monitor the status of all gateways, regardless of their location and distance from each other, and control the operation of each channel and SIM card.

In order to create unified settings for a particular country, region or operator, you can group the SIM cards and channels in folders. GUI provides the opportunity to browse the history of entire groups as well as individual SIM cards and GSM channels, including CDR of each call.

Key Features:

Termination software is based on the concept DWIM (“Do What I Mean”). Many years of experience in the VoIP market, systematic market research and constant optimization of ANTRAX products usability allow us to create a system that will save your time for doing the set-up, usage and, moreover, will help you boost your profits. Also ANTRAX gives the possibility to monitor the system as a whole and element-wise. Graphical interface provides access to any information about the system:

– detailed history of the condition of each element;
– history of performed calls;
– detailed information of the SIM-cards rotation, their connections to GSM network, etc.
A user doesn’t have to understand complex software modules since any information is just a click away.

Setup of the ANTRAX solution and anti-anti-fraud system. User friendly interface, detailed manual, provided both in Russian and English languages, qualified technical support – all this will ensure easy and rapid adaptation of the product.

ANTRAX products have 2-year guarantee, professional technical support and due software updates, as well as any assistance in the development, installation of the hardware and termination software. The cost of these services after the warranty period is over will be available to everyone.

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