Flames Group is a leading manufacturer of equipment for GSM termination ANTRAX: VoIP/GSM gateways, Simboxes as well as the large operator of voice traffic. Flames Group is a small transit operator, tier 3. Flames Group company doesn’t have any subscriber base in its possession. Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 и tier 4 operators are company partners as well as voice traffic clients.
VAT payer number is #987987
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Flames Group carries out manufacturing and sales of equipment for VoIP GSM termination. Company is engaged in software development in the sphere of telecommunication services.
Company is also a transit operator of voice traffic in IP-telephony networks. As a matter of fact, company transits more than 20 million minutes of voice traffic per month and collaborates with more than 2500 partners on traffic.
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Background intro

The company was established in 2005 with its headquarters in Riga, Latvia.
Over the history of successful performance Flames Group managed to define itself as a reliable partner. The company offers a range of unique solutions, which provide an assistance in saving costs and coming up with solutions to various business issues prevailing on the markets of central and eastern Europe, Asia, USA, Northern and Latin America. As of 2017 ANTRAX equipment operates in 74 countries.

Educational basis on GSM termination

Flames Group is one of the first companies in the world which started to teach the basics of telecommunication business online. It conducts webinars on topical issues in the sphere of telecom.
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Equipment : ANTRAX

What does ANTRAX solution include?

ANTRAX solution is a complex of hardware and software facilities which are designed especially for the termination of voice traffic from VoIP (Voice over IP) to GSM networks (networks of mobile operators). Due to the module-based structure, flexible configuration which allows the product to meet any needs and requirements, ANTRAX solution can be implemented for effective calls termination either in large or in small volumes.

ANTRAX system is certified by the leading German concern TUV Rheinland Group.

The system has following certificates:

  • CB: HU-000 750
  • IECEE: HU-000 751
  • EMC: M5 69240719 001
  • LVD: M1 69240718 0001

The equipment is provided with a 3-year warranty
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Solution for ANTRAX products

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  • SIM server software
  • SIM balance auto recharge
  • Incoming calls generation
  • DTMF-calls
  • Migration of SIM cards

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  • GSM VoIP GW4
  • GSM VoIP GW8

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  • SB60
  • SB120

Supports from 60 to 120 SIM-cards
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Flames Group delivers products all around the world from the warehouse located in Riga, Latvia.

KPMG carries out the audit for the company

Aligning with such corporations as: Visa, BBC, Motorola and BMW Flames Group entrusted an audit check-up to KPMG network.
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We promote high European quality and reliable service at all levels while enhancing competitive advantage of our solutions. We are always eager to be highly responsive and flexible regarding our clients’ needs & market demands. Flames Group aspires become a leader in the call termination market by focusing on customers, sustainable growth and innovation.