GSM termination videos and Antrax solution

GSM termination videos (for beginners):

This GSM termination videos are for beginners who want to understand what GSM termination is and why it is good and perspective business.

telecommunications businessTelecommunications is the business of the future
Terminator Salvation: how to connect people
5 steps to telecommunication freedom
Easy GSM termination
How to leave the operator behind
Anti-Fraud in Somalia

GSM termination videos (for advanced):

This GSM termination videos are for skilled terminators.

GSM termination in Balkans

Answers of VoIP communications expert

2U ANTRAX gateway unpacking

Antrax installation and management made simple:

In this video you will find out how to install and work with our Graphical Interface to control the whole system and set up automated processes.

ANTRAX GUI install
ANTRAX voice channel monitoring
ANTRAX states of voice sever in GUI
ANTRAX GUI sessions
ANTRAX monitoring of software modules
ANTRAX gateway statistics
ANTRAX SIM group report
ANTRAX SIM history
ANTRAX PIN removing
ANTRAX adding new devices, creating GSM and SIM groups

VoIP/GSM termination technology and components:

In this video you will learn what VoIP termination, SIM-box, GSM gateway and SIM-server are.

VoIP Termination
What is SIM box
What is GSM gateway
What is SIM server