SIM blocking protector

Our equipment provides the software to avoid SIM card blocking  by Human Behavior Simulation system.

Anti sim-blocking solution includes:

SIM cards rotation. SIM cards that are located in SIM Box can be divided by the software into groups and each group can be attached to a separate GSM-module of VoIP gateway. This algorithm is able to make changes within each group, changing SIM card that makes voice calls from one to another.

This not only allows you to optimize resource consumption of every single “SIM”, but also gives a possibility to reduce their workload and, consequently, the suspicion of the mobile operators.

SIM cards migration. Antrax system is capable of registering the SIM cards on different GSM-modules with a specified frequency. If you have several GSM gateways located in different parts of the city, system will enable SIM card to make calls from every gateway in turn, creating an illusion of subscriber’s movement, thus helping to protect your cards from being blocked by the mobile operator.

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