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VoIP products: hardware and software (all-inclusive  solution)

ANTRAX VoIP hardware (equipment) and software system architecture:

ANTRAX equipment is a high quality hardware that can be integrated by various configurations that depend on the region of call termination, period of return of investment and client’s budget. Our VoIP hardware (VoIP equipment) is flexible and scalable – module-based solution  to start fast and expand business.

GSM and SIM boards are installed in individual bearing blocks at different locations. It solves the issue of bypassing ANTI FRAUD systems of mobile operators by live subscriber’s behavior imitation. It extends the security level and substantively reduces the risks, increasing profits and economizing money on support. This is a perfect solution for termination of large volumes of voice traffic.

GSM termination consultation

ANTRAX is one of the best systems to avoid SIM blocking:

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Either you are experienced terminator or a start upper you should know: ANTRAX really helps to protect your device and help to avoid SIM blocking.
Each GSM terminator who has already been terminating knows you cannot avoid blockage completely but you can minimize it.

Human Behavior Simulation

– incoming calls
– SMS generation
– operator services
– card rotation/migration

Smart Control

– Block messages from providers
– Block SIM card
– Automatic credit check by


– SMS sending
– IMEI management

ANTI SPAM Management

We got quite an innovative solution for SIM blocking minimizing, which is called ANTI-SPAM. It’s a program, which allows to group lists of incoming calls in three groups: black, grey and white lists and filter them.
Getting our equipment, you can be sure your SIM cards will be absolutely safe!

Cutting Edge Technologies

For fast data sending and non-high bandwidth internet connections. Audio data trunk transmission between gateway and Softswitch

Customizable for maximum efficiency

Choose antenna your gateway will use (automatic connection to the best signal is also available)

Learn more about Antrax system components (VoIP hardware and software):

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