SIM box

SIM box (also called SIM bank) – is one of hardware modules of ANTRAX Solution for GSM termination business.

SIM box (simbox) device holds a bundle of SIM cards separately from VoIP/GSM gateways in order to minimize the maintenance expenses and solve the SIM blocking problem.

Key benefits of ANTRAX SIM box (also called “SIM bank” or “SIM server”)

SIM Box allows you to install and manage any amount of SIM cards of different mobile operators that enables work of several GSM gateways placed in different locations. Available configurations: 60 sims and 120 sims. Several SIM boxes can be connected in one system that provides with ability to use unlimited amount of sims in your system.

You can keep your SIM cards away from the GSM gateway. It allows you to attach a separate SIM card for VoIP/GSM gateways module, enabling the same card to call from different points thereby reducing the risk of blocking.

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    Two configurations of sim box are available, one for 60 sims and another one is for 120 sims. One system can include as many simboxes as you wish, which gives you ability to use any amount of sims in your termination system.

    Module-based structure of the product hardware opens up a wide range of possibilities to its users, such as:

    • SIM cards could be placed separately from GSM modules (this option will require high-quality Internet connection between GSM gateway and SIM Box);
    • SIM cards which take part in termination of voice traffic and sms termination to different destinations/countries could be placed in the same spot, making it easy to control their activity. It is important to have several GSM gateways located in different countries or in different regions of the same country. All sim cards which are involved in termination may be located in one or more SIM Boxes placed in the same spot;

    SIM cards rotationOne of the optimization algorithms of the system is so-called Antrax “Sim Rotation“. SIM cards within each SIM Box can be divided into groups, each of these groups can be attached to a separate GSM-module of VoIP gateway. Over time, the system is able to make changes within each group, changing SIM card which is responsible for making voice calls from one to another.

    This not only allows you to optimize resource consumption of every single “Sim”, but also gives a possibility to reduce their workload and, consequently, the suspicion of the mobile operators.

    SIM cards migrationAntrax system is capable of registering the SIM cards on different GSM-modules with a specified frequency. If you have several GSM gateways located in different parts of the city, system will make SIM card conduct calls from every gateway in turn, creating an illusion of subscriber’s movement. This will help you to protect your cards from being blocked by the mobile operator.

    Antrax Software for Sim Box – Sim Server


    SIM server software is a SIM manager software designed to manage ANTRAX system. It brings you the highest level of control over your SIM Boxes and GSM gateways and helps to minimize your operating expenses for system maintenance in total, lowering down SIM server price.

    SIM server enables gsm sim server to perform the following functions: SIM balance auto refill, ability to navigate through the voice menu of DTMF-numbers automatically, receive automatic notice in case of zero balance and calls with zero duration, etc.

    Click here to find more about Sim Server.

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