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Promote one of the best brands in the telecom business and earn 5% commission from every purchase made and $0.50 for each potential client. ANTRAX affiliate program is the easiest way to earn money with a leading European manufacturer of telecommunication equipment.


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Our program brings advantage to each category of Internet users:

  • You are a beginner willing to learn how to earn in the Internet and  desire to get to know the business of telecommunications.
  • You are a skilled promoter actively taking part in various affiliate programs and knowing how to get your own audience together and take the most out of it.

What to do?

To become our partner, first you need to fill in the form. Afterwards we process it within 24 hours and contact you back via email, Skype or phone. Then you get a link to ANTRAX account on affiliate system AFFILIATLY and get your affiliate ID. Now you can start promoting ANTRAX products! To learn how to do it step by step click here. How much can you earn? All is up to you. Calculate and go!

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You can do the promotion by providing banners or links - whatever you choose. And remember: the more links and banners you are posting, the more profit you get. We have already paid more than $8 000 to 34 people for bringing us potential clients. 3 people received 5% in cash from their friends' purchases of our equipment.

We have already


transferred 5% of the purchases in cash to 3 partners


25 partners


paid more than $8'000