Philippines SMS termination

SMS termination business in Philippines

Philippines is very good market for this business, because population there is over 104 million people. Almost all of them use mobile phones every day, so that means that telecom sphere in Philippines is very popular and profitable. This time lets talk about termination business in Philippines.

Lets see the most popular network there: its Globe and Smart, this companies are earning lots of millions dollars per year, so why you should not be part of it and start working in this field?

As you guys already know that we have voice termination and SMS termination. Today as usually we will talk about SMS termination because nowadays its more popular and has lots of traffic each day and amount of traffic is growing with high speed.

So what is SMS termination

SMS termination is the delivery of international SMS messages, as well as SMS messages from the Internet, through local SIM cards of mobile operators. The principle is the same as for voice traffic termination. That is, we assume, a person from the USA wants to write a text message to Philippines.

He dials the text of the SMS, dials the number of his friend from Philippines and presses the button “send”. After that, his SMS gets to the US mobile operator, whose SIM card it uses. And then the US mobile operator chooses the route by which it will be able to deliver SMS to Philippines. This route should have stability, high quality, and should also be inexpensive. Therefore, it is easiest to deliver such SMS via the Internet network, with the help of transit operators (carriers).

Let’s discuss SMS termination business in Philippines

The carrier receives about $ 0.003 for each SMS.

And the carrier must also choose a further route for the delivery of SMS to the final subscriber in Philippines. And the most profitable and high-quality route is the system of GSM terminators (consisting GSM gateways and Simboxes).
The transit company sends this SMS to the system of GSM terminator, and pays him $ 0.002 for each SMS. And further, this GSM terminator’s system delivers this SMS to the final subscriber in Philippines, and such SMS is very cheap, according to the tariff of the mobile operator for local SMS.

  • Local tariff for SMS in Philippines is very cheap, its 0.00038$ per SMS.
  • So net profit from 1 SMS is – 0,002$ – 0,00038$= 0,0196$ per SMS.
  • System will receive Minimum 20 000 SMSs per day.
  • That means that with ANTRAX your profit per day could be 392$.

This is profit without expenses for:

  1. Buying SIM cards
  2. Rent location
  3. Internet
  4. Electricity

Our company is offering you fully ready made solution for termination business and support, so don’t waste your time to start this profitable business.

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