SMS termination in Poland - business opportunity for everyone

SMS termination in Poland – business opportunity for everyone

Today we will tell about a very interesting and profitable business in Poland, which can be done by anyone who has starting capital of $ 4,000 and has 4-5 hours of time every day. It will be a question of the direction in telecommunications. As many of you know, the areas of telecommunications and IT are developing with amazing speed, and business in these areas brings billions of dollars to their owners every year. And we will talk about how to become part of this direction.

What is SMS termination

It’s about the business of SMS termination. SMS termination is the delivery of SMS messages from the VOIP network to the GSM-network. According to this principle, the delivery of international SMS messages, as well as messages from various Internet services to end subscribers to mobile numbers, works.

Where SMS termination is used

Under the Internet services means: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Internet-shops, various promotional campaigns, mailings from the bank and much more. That is, suppose that a Polish bank decides to inform its users about a favorable loan offer. And as we know, the bank has not 10 users, and not even 1000, but much more. And what if the employees manually type SMS on their phones and send them to users, spending weeks on it? Of course not. Practically all large organizations have special Internet solutions for mass SMS sending. They simply type the text SMS, download the base of numbers and press the button “send to all”.

And after that, the Internet resource, which the organization uses, should choose the route by which it can efficiently and inexpensively deliver SMS to end users. And the easiest way for them to use the services of intermediaries (carriers), it is transit companies that help deliver SMS.

Why SMS termination in Poland

When the intermediary receives such an SMS, then it faces a choice: to deliver this SMS via the mobile operator in Poland, paying him $ 0.007 for each SMS. Or go bypass, send this message to the SMS terminator in Poland, which has a system of SMS gateways and SIMbox installed, and pay the terminator less, that is, $ 0.005 for each message. And the SMS terminator, in turn, receiving such SMS, delivers it to the final subscriber according to the internal communication tariffs.

For example, the Poland T-Mobile operator has a very favorable tariff (check out here). Paying only $ 1.3 you get unlimited SMS for 5 days. And given that the SMS then goes huge, and in 5 days each SIM card passes more than 1500 SMS, then the cost price of one SMS is reduced to $ 0.0008. It is also worth considering that the capacity of each SIM box is more than 100 SIM cards. That is, every day your system will be able to pass more than 30,000 SMS. And in the end, the monthly profit, even if you start SMS termination with a minimum set, will be from $3000. Not bad, right?

As you already understood, this project will require a special hardware and software system consisting of: SMS gateways, Simbox, software for managing this system, soft switch. The minimum system with which a beginner can start is 16 SMS channels and a SIMbox for 120 SIM cards. And if you choose ANTRAX system, which is a professional solution for this business, you will immediately receive a ready-made franchise: equipment, software, technical support 7 days a week, and we also offer a mutually beneficial traffic partnership.

At the moment, Poland is developing in the direction of SMS termination and today is one of the most successful countries in the European Region for it. Therefore, we will be sincerely happy if you wish to learn more about SMS termination in Poland and drop us a line so we could call you back.

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