SMS gateway and simbox

SMS Gateway

ANTRAX SMS Gateway consists of up to 4 or 8 GSM channel.1 channel transmits 7-10 SMS per minute.

Available configurations of SIM boxes for SMS termination and bulk SMS sending:
60 SIMSs and 120 SIMs. SIM boxes can be connected in one system that provides with ability to use unlimited amount of sims in your system.

ANTRAX SMS gateway and Simbox provides opportunity to earn extra money. You can do bulk SMS sending and SMS termination and make your termination machine even more profitable. If you do not do call termination, you are free to use ANTRAX equipment to send just SMS

Protocols used for sending SMS:

    Name (required)

    E-mail (required)

    Phone (required)

    Skype (required)

    • HTTP
    • SMPP

    ANTRAX SMS Gateway could be used for:

    • SMS termination is commonly used for one time passwords: authorisation (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
    • Promotional campaigns or so called cold SMS traffic (so-called SPAM campaigns)
    • Marketing campaigns of different services and products: resorts, shops, medical services, sports, taxi, etc.

    In addition to SMS that you can terminate from other countries, you can use it as a totally usual business model tool.

    ANTRAX SMS equipment for bulk sending could be used as:

    • Independent tool. Used script where will be set text and phone numbers of recipients. You can check what SMS was send checking out directly in a SIM-history. ANTRAX tech support will be able to train basics. Not recommended for beginners.
    • Integrated tool. Integrate ANTRAX SMS sending software with other platforms. It provides using equipment resources for other users to send out SMS via your equipment and earn money. Such platforms has has different features and functionality to set better business logic on filtering phone numbers and create different segments.

    You can read more about use cases of SMS gateway in our SMS solutions

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