simbox bulk activation social media accounts

How to use Simbox for bulk activation of social media accounts

We want to represent you one more use case of Simbox – the mass activation of accounts in social networks.

Today social networks are the most powerful resource for advertising, business development, news distribution and much more. Therefore, it is not surprising that every day there are more and more services that offer to create fake accounts.

Why activation of social media accounts can be interesting:

  1. For bulk likes
  2. For mass addition to thematic groups
  3. For SPAM mailings
  4. To rise up (cheat) the number of subscribers
  5. For network marketing
  6. For online gambling

This is just a short list of areas where mass activations of accounts in social networks will be useful.

Now let’s look at the general action plan for activating any account (or email) in a social network:

  • The choice of subjects
  • Proxy server
  • Personal profile information
  • Captcha (not everywhere, but often used)
  • SMS authentication
  • Mail authentication (if this is not creating an email account)
  • Re-Verification

These are the 7 main stages of creating any account in the social. Network. As we can see, the algorithm is simple, but there is an important point – it is binding any account to a unique phone number. Everything else can be invented, bypassed, and so on, but the phone number should be real. And if you need to create hundreds or even thousands of accounts per day, then for each account you need a SIM card, and you need to activate it, and also receive an SMS with a confirmation code. And you just imagine how inconvenient it is to do all this manually, this will take a lot of time, and time is the most valuable resource.

It is to optimize the process, as well as to save time, for the mass activation of SIM cards and the mass receipt of SMS, the ANTRAX system, which consists of a gateway, a sim box and intelligent software, is best suited. As we already know, a sim box is a device that allows you to simultaneously hold a large number of SIM cards. Everything is very simple, our technicians prescribe a script for activating a SIM card (that is, you can activate a large number of SIM cards at the same time with just one click), and after activating a SIM card you can already link it to accounts in social networks. Moreover, ANTRAX has a very easy friendly user interface that installs on a PC or laptop and you can log into it from anywhere in the world and work with your system remotely. That is, tracking the activities of your SIM cards does not require physical presence near these SIM cards.

ANTRAX system is suitable for those who want:

  • Engage in the mass activation of accounts in the social Networking
  • Sell the services of mass sim-activation and binding of a unique number to a social network profile.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. We are pleased to provide individual advice to those who are interested in this area.

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