SMS termination in Nigeria

Make extra money on SMS termination in Nigeria

Today we are going to talk about SMS termination in Nigeria.

As you know, Nigeria is one of the best countries for Call termination business, as there is much call traffic. Earlier we used to talk about voice traffic (international calls) and today we will talk about SMS traffic in Nigeria.

So SMS termination – its the same as Voice termination, just in SMS termination traffic object is an SMS. As for principle of operation in SMS termination- its the same as in Voice (Call) termination. Now you may ask yourself, what is SMS traffic? Yes, its a good question and each of you need to understand what SMS traffic is before going deeply into it.

So SMS traffic is different traffic from international SMS to mass mailings from various Internet services work:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • online banking,
  • online shopping
  • and much more

As you know, nowadays such kind of SMSs are very popular. So now you can understand where this traffic comes from and in which amounts, because such services send lot of millions on such SMS every day. Just only imagine that you can be part of it and make money on each sent SMS. So let me provide a Nigeria SMS termination example for you.

To start SMS termination you will need to find sim cards from local mobile operators with cheapest packages for SMS.

We have found it instead of you, as an example we will talk about operator Airtel:

  • According to this tariff we can see that price per SMS is 1.20 Naira, its 0.0033$.
  • We pay for each terminated SMS in Nigeria – 0.0056$.
  • So your net profit from 1 SMS is 0.0056$-0.0033$= 0.0023$
  • Even if you will start from minimum system, per day you will receive around 40 000 SMS in Nigeria.
  • So imagine that you daily income can be 92$ and its from minimum device configuration.

That’s why guys don’t waste your chance to became successful terminator in your country.

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