SMS termination in Kenya - bulk SMS sending business

SMS termination in Kenya – bulk SMS sending business

In our previous articles, we talked a lot about what GSM-termination is, how to conduct this business correctly, and how much money can be earned on GSM-termination of voice traffic.

Today we want to talk about another business opportunity in this direction, namely the termination of SMS messages.

SMS termination is the delivery of international SMS messages, as well as SMS messages from the Internet, through local SIM cards of mobile operators. The principle is the same as for voice traffic termination. That is, we assume, a person from the USA wants to write a text message to Kenya. He dials the text of the SMS, dials the number of his friend from Kenya and presses the button “send”. After that, his SMS gets to the US mobile operator, whose SIM card it uses. And then the US mobile operator chooses the route by which it will be able to deliver SMS to Kenya. This route should have stability, high quality, and should also be inexpensive.

Therefore, it is easiest to deliver such SMS via the Internet network, with the help of transit operators (carriers). The mediator receives for each such SMS about $ 0.01. And the mediator must also choose a further route for the delivery of SMS to the final subscriber in Kenya. And the most profitable and high-quality route is the system of fuel and lubricants terminators (consisting of fuel and lubricant gateways and sim-boxes). That is, the transit company sends this SMS to the fuel and lubrication system of the terminator, and pays him $ 0.008 for each SMS. And further, this GSM terminator’s system delivers this SMS to the final subscriber, and such SMS is very cheap, according to the tariff of the mobile operator for local SMS.

For example, the operator Airtel has a tariff for 10 Ksh

  • You receive 1200 SMSs per day (
  • A GSM terminator will receive from the transit operator $9.6 per day for 1200 SMS.
  • And the terminator will only pay 10 Ksh for these SMS (about $ 0.1).
  • A net profit on SMS messages is $9.5 per day on one SIM card!
  • And as a rule, the GSM terminator holds at least 80-100 SIM cards in the SIM box. Not bad, right?

By the same principle, mass mailings from various Internet services work: Facebook, Instagram, online banking, online shopping and much more. Every day, these services make millions of mailings to subscribers. Therefore, the more SIM cards have a GSM terminator and the more simultaneous SMS its system can miss, the higher the profit.

Another advantage of SMS termination is that mobile operators do not block SIM cards as intensively as they do when terminating voice traffic. And if you have the ANTRAX termination system, then your SIM card blocking will be generally minimal, since ANTRAX possesses strong software and perfect simulation of the behavior of a live subscriber, which will allow you to work with even greater efficiency.

We hope that this article was useful for you, and perhaps some of you will want to try your hand in this profitable direction. ANTRAX always welcome new partners.

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