International Call Termination in Nigeria

International Call Termination in Nigeria [NTAnews24 Video Transcript]

70% (seventy percent) of Nigerian International calls are captured by illegal routes. Grey telecom operators that make money on Call termination.

The Nigerian Communications Commission has said the revenue lost to call masking and SIM boxing activities in the country amounts to $3bn.

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People get International calls in Nigeria as local ones

As the number of Nigerians living in the diaspora continues to increase, so does the number and rates of calls they make to relatives and friends living in Nigeria.

Violet Ocurro has loved ones living in Europe and America. She says for a while now, she has noticed that calls coming from her family and friends outside Nigeria have been displaying local natural numbers on her phone.

“Unless gas or products, are you call it from Nigeria and you in Nigeria what I’m at the Apple table that we all know that is from International say well now your honor by issuing on my phone.”

“I want to find out from you just talking to your sister do you know that is a natural number I showing the Glow number. Calling directly from your cell phone? You are not using a code card? – No”

It appears this situation is not peculiar to Violet alone.

I have family members outside the country and I’ve noted that whenever they call it showing a Glow number or Etisalat number. And even after I don’t pick the call and they try me again a different number is calling you. And then when you try to call back it tells you: “Oh, this number doesn’t exist”. And having noticed that I have to pick calls from unknown numbers. Yes, some of them may be scum, which has happened to me like quite a number of times. I don’t have a choice.”

“It cause problem which he knows and our friends families abroad. They call several times and they will tell you that they’ve been calling what you said that you missed a call because it displays Nigeria number. And so sometimes we have missed so many important calls.”

Nigerian telecom experts about Call Termination

Telecom experts say even the international call termination rates are gradually falling they are still 10 times more expensive than domestic termination costs.

“It’s probably because of the high cost of international calls. And also the tariffs levied by the government that instigates people to come up with such ideas to just make sure that they get the prices down.”

They now use technology to illegally terminate international calls and they fraud telecom companies of the proper call termination rates. It is called SIM box fraud. It is associated with GSM termination and call masking.

They have a specialized box (Sim box) for doing that – it’s connected to the internet. So instead of your call coming in over Telco it comes over the Internet. What they do also is to route the call through Nigerian SIM cards. Makes it look as if the call is actually look a local call. That’s another trick for them getting the profit from the International tariffs.

Emily say as much as 70% (seventy percent) of international call traffic is terminated on illegal routes costing the country billions of dollars.

I’m NCC so far has been able to they issued strong warning to some companies. They revoked some licenses for some companies. They were able to discover about seven and fifty thousand SIM cards there have been used for this.
The fraudsters continue to opt their scripts. So basically they institutionalize the setups which also opt against it and even go far higher. So just like you have virus and they produce antivirus.

While trying to get clarification on some of the issues raised by Nigerians during this report we made numerous attempts to get answers from the Nigerian Communications Commission that all our first to reach them for comments or get their comment on the issue of illegal call termination. We are unsuccessful.

It turns out that this development has some serious security implications on Nigerians.

Your calls can be recorded. These companies are providing SIM boxes they give an additional service. If you want to record calls a country of box. If it’s going to be a business call, for example, then you should know that any information given via such calls is at risk.

Nigerian struggling to decrease “grey” Call termination

The activities of fraudsters terminating international calls locally have made many Nigerians vulnerable to a taking calls they would otherwise not have taken. And even missing important calls from loved ones. A while ago the Nigerian Communications Commission announced its intention to decrease call masking qualifying them as sim box fraud. They now need to implement solutions fast to terminate fraud in market.

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