How to start profitable VoIP GSM termination business?

As any kind of business, VoIP GSM termination requires knowledge and a certain amount of investment . Of course, you don’t need to own all these skills and resources personally. You can always combine them with your partner’s ones, who can, by the way, become an investor of this business.

A truly vital statement for every entrepreneur is a motivating goal. Without any inspiration it becomes impossible to encounter all the obstacles and difficulties, which follow any ambitious, successful and profitable business project for sure.

So, to start VoIP GSM termination business, you need to make 4 basic footsteps:sucess-wheel

  1. Choose a reliable equipment (GSM Gateway, Sim Box) for termination.
  2. Find a smart software which imitates human behavior to avoid sim blocking.
  3. Get a reliable tech guy for support.
  4. Build a partnership with a VoIP traffic provider.

To sum up, for starting a successful business in VoIP termination, you need a high quality equipment with a smart and flexible logics, which is able to simulate average subscriber’s behavior, and this way helps to increase your SIM cards’ lives. Also you’d need to provide equipment’s work management and regular voice traffic flow from a VoIP carrier to your GSM Gateway.


The other important thing we should emphasize that GSM termination is profitable in the countries where the route price (price for international calls) is higher than local calls.

Those who will decide to do GSM termination business in Africa countries, Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, ex.USSSR and some European countries can make good money. Read our blog or ask us the list of the most profitable countries for the GSM termination.

Do you want to get some insights? In coming articles we will review all above mentioned peculiarities, which totally influence your profit, in details.

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