One more profitable business opportunity Ghana

SMS termination: One more profitable business opportunity in Ghana

In previous articles we talked a lot about GSM termination business in Ghana, we used to show you a lot of countries which are profitable for this business too. Today we would like to let you know about one more opportunity that you can get with ANTRAX equipment for extra profit – SMS termination in Ghana.

As you already know, Voice termination is very popular and profitable in almost all Africa countries, i can for sure tell the same about SMS termination business.

So today lets be closer to SMS termination in Ghana. You can ask your self, why in Ghana SMS termination is so good, so i will answer to your question- its because population of Ghana is around 30 million people and almost each of them use mobile phone. So even imagine how much traffic there are.

How SMS termination works in general:

For example a person from the USA wants to write a text message to Ghana. He dials the text of the SMS, dials the number of his friend from Ghana and presses the button “SEND”. After that, his SMS gets to the US mobile operator, whose SIM card it uses. And then the US mobile operator chooses the route by which it will be able to deliver SMS to Ghana.

This route should have stability, high quality, and should also be inexpensive. Therefore, it is easiest to deliver such SMS via the Internet network, with the help of transit operators (carriers). And the carrier must also choose a further route for the delivery of SMS to the final subscriber in Ghana. And the most profitable and high-quality route is the system of fuel and lubricants terminators (consisting of fuel and lubricant gateways and sim-boxes). That is, the transit company sends this SMS to the fuel and lubrication system of the terminator. And further, this GSM terminator’s system delivers this SMS to the final subscriber, and such SMS is very cheap, according to the tariff of the mobile operator for local SMS.

Also By the same principle, mass mailings from various Internet services work: Facebook, Instagram, online banking, online shopping and much more. Every day, these services make millions of mailings to subscribers. Therefore, the more SIM cards have a GSM terminator and the more simultaneous SMS its system can miss, the higher the profit.

Rough estimate of SMS termination income in Ghana.

  • For each SMS we pay – 0.004$
  • Local tariff is – 0.002$
  • Net profit from 1 SMS is 0.004$-0.002$= 0.002$
  • Each day your system will receive up to 50 000 SMS.
  • Per day you will earn around 100$
  • Per month you will earn around 3000$ in Ghana from SMS termination.

All you need is just to have good system, sim cards from local mobile operators and your time to do this business.

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