ANTRAX is the best solution

ANTRAX SMS & GSM termination equipment

Hello to all readers!

If you are here, that means you are on right way to start GSM termination business!

Earlier, we were talking about termination business in general, what you need for start, etc and today- we will talk directly about best equipment in the world for termination business, ANTRAX.

So first of all would like to tell you that termination – its a business and needs not just hardware to start, it needs fully completed solution.

ANTRAX is a ready-made solution for termination business, its European quality, where all needed is included, like hardware, software, free installation and traffic supply.

You know, its very important thing to have hardware and software from one provider, developer because even if you have the best software in the world and it will not work with cheap China hardware.

Software is also very important thing in termination business, because as you know mobile operators will try to block your sim cards, thats why its not enough to have software with simple functions.

Which functions of software has ANTRAX device:

  1. Human Behaviour Simulation(HBS)- those are more then 100 scripts and algorithms to avoid of huge sim blockage- for example, sim cards can make calls between each other, to have not only inbound call, make USSD request, etc.
  2. Sim migration- its a function where your SIM cards can migrate between different BASE station
  3. Each SIM will have unique real IMEI
  4. Anti-spam program. This filter calls, which forms a “black” and “white” lists of numbers
  5. Protection from detecting

And its only half of functions which has ANTRAX device, lot of them are unique and only ANTRAX has them.
So to summarize, if you want to have good profitable termination business, ANTRAX is a great choice and you will and your success with it is guaranteed.

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