Watch educational video “GSM Termination – key to progressive communication”

In this video you will learn how not to be deceived and how to get rid of the expensive tariffs.

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“Let us first examine the GSM network and the Internet network separately.Call from the phone of Subscriber 1 with the help of the SIM card goes to the nearest GSM antenna of the Operator 1 network, and from there it is transferred to the Operator 2 network, and then goes to the Subscriber 2.

Here everything is much easier and it is not surprising. GSM network is a product of the industrial era. These are the networks of old generation. Outdated technologies were used for their creation, and these networks are built exactly on the basis of old stereotypes: enclosed in the national frontiers and isolated from each other by artificial restrictions. The machinery used for their creation is not utilized to overcome any boundaries, but instead create new ones. Internet (International network) is a network of new generation, which is specially designed to overcome the political restrictions. This is a free access to information, independently of state borders. Internet removes these boundaries. GSM network builds its own. Constructs fences between its subscribers. How to break these fences? Below you will find the answer….”

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