Who is gsm terminator

Who is GSM terminator

In recent years, business in the telecommunications industry has gained very serious momentum and provided an opportunity for every person to try themselves in this direction.

One such direction is the GSM termination – it is the conversion of any call from the Internet network (VOIP) to the mobile (GSM), using the VoIP GSM gateway.
Owners of this equipment are just GSM terminators.

Equipment: GSM gateway

The success of the terminator depends directly on the quality of the equipment (GSM gateway) that it uses. Now in the world market, there are a lot of different offers from different companies, before buying, you need to carefully study everything and think about it in order to choose the best option.

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the assembly: the name of the company, in which country it is manufactured, what parts are used, whether the guarantee is given, the reputation of the company, how long ago the market.

It is necessary to understand that GSM termination is not just equipment.

This is a whole system, the separate mechanisms of which must function smoothly so that the overall success is ensured, so that in addition to the gateway, in order to become a successful GSM terminator, you will need high-quality service support that will service your equipment at remote access, and traffic itself calls that you will convert from Internet to mobile networks.

GSM termination consultation

As a rule, these are simple international calls that people make every day from one country to another. That is, you, as a GSM terminator, will be able to install a gateway in a certain country, after that the company with which you will cooperate on traffic sends international calls to your equipment that will be transformed into local ones using the VoIP GSM gateway and distributed with this device to subscribers, with the help of SIM cards operators, which will be in the equipment.

Thus, the GSM terminator receives calls at international cost, but only pays local, and the difference in tariffs is profit.

Ready-made solution

Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with a company that provides a ready-made solution in this area: hardware, software, traffic and technical support. Especially it is important to consider the beginning GSM terminators, since a lot of people who start this business hastily, face serious problems.

Most companies do not provide the whole range of services, some sell only equipment, others only traffic, and third equipment with traffic, but without technical support.

Whole range of services

It is important to understand that when you purchase these services from different companies, you run the risk of staying at the broken trough. If the company sells the equipment, it does not provide technical support to the customer, during the whole period of cooperation, you risk more and more work every day, for at any time the equipment may not start, but you can not find te help in the company.


The same goes for software, there are certain software standards, the most basic, but no more, so the hardware and software that is purchased in different companies will most likely not be compatible. Some offer hardware with software and technical support, but no traffic. This is also risky, because firstly, the GSM terminator will need to independently find the company that will provide these calls, and secondly it is not entirely clear whether the workstation is generally the equipment that you bought, because the company does not have its own traffic and test this equipment immediately there is no possibility.


And only a little can offer a really ready-made solution for starting a business in the field of GSM termination.

One such company is Flames Group, which provides its customers with a ready-made solution called ANTRAX.

ANTRAX is a turnkey business that has been around the world for more than 8 years. Now you do not need to collect everything, ANTRAX will provide you absolutely everything: equipment of your own European production with a guarantee, software, traffic with a personal traffic manager and technical support 24 hours a day.

All this will allow experienced GSM terminators to reach an entirely new level of success, and for novice partners to help in the shortest possible time to master this truly fascinating business.

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