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In order to be successful in the business of GSM termination, first of all it is necessary to purchase high-quality equipment. VoIP GSM gateway is a unique device that converts voice traffic from Internet to mobile network.

The quality of the equipment depends on the manufacturer. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to where exactly and who makes the equipment, whether the warranty and service support are provided.

ANTRAX GSM Gateway is a completely new approach in the production of equipment.

Every detail of this complex mechanism is produced in Europe, and is assembled in Latvia. These gateways are very compact and look like routers, each of which has a built-in computer, which makes it much easier to work with the terminator.

There are two types of GSM gateways: 8-channel and 4-channel. The amount of ringing calls that the gateway can receive simultaneously depends on the number of channels. These gateways are completely independent of the SIM Box – part of the equipment, which allows you to place them at any point where there is Internet.

GSM gateway price
ANTRAX GSM Gateway has a portable antenna, for better signal reception.

With the help of unique software, work with the gateway is remotely, using a laptop or tablet, that is, after installing locks on locations and configuring them, the GSM terminator is just enough for a laptop to keep all processes in their hands.

ANTRAX GSM Gateway is a part of complete business solution: hardware, software, traffic and technical support.

The software allows owners of these gateways to automate the practical workflows in the equipment. At its core, the gateway is a so-called storage for mobile phones, each channel is a separate mobile phone, and as is known, not one mobile phone can not function without a SIM card, for this there is a SIM Box, in essence it is a storage for SIM cards.

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The general mechanism consists of hardware and software. Thus, this configuration, which is equipped with more than 100 ready scripts that can extend the life of SIM cards, regardless of the country and operator, as well as guarantees full security for the GSM terminator.

Before buying equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the training program is provided for this device, whether there is technical support, a certificate of quality and a user-friendly interface, in which even the novice can easily understand.

All this is just available when buying ANTRAX equipment.

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