Guinea is back and ready for profitable business

Republic of Guinea is one of the common African markets with a relatively unstable condition, high rate of unemployment, especially among young people, and stuff like that.

But if you dig deeper, it’s easy to find a growing potential for establishing businesses around the country.It is basically connected with the late democratization and recovery of the private sector. Even though, the most people do agriculture and live on that, there are so many commodities, which are being imported from China, Europe and the US instead of manufacturing inside of the country. It is a brilliant decision to boost economy and to fill in the gap in unemployment by simply creating all necessary infrastructure inside of the country.

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There are so many business opportunities in Guinea. Foreign and local investors need to consider this market together with its loyal authorities and simplified procedures for private sector. Just one simple saying – invest in Guinea! Meanwhile, young people do their best at earning money in some informal areas. For instance, Guineans enjoy their money to be new, clean and crisp. There are guys who are getting brand new banknotes and sell these at the higher price that its face nominal. Usually this money is used as a wedding gift. And it’s crucial to give brand new notes, if you want your cash gift to be meaningful.

But anyways, it’s just a peculiarity produced by the conditions of the market and local community.

The real Guinea business craves for investing into the vital sectors which will boost this emerging market sharply.

Investment opportunities in Guinea

There are so many ideas and fields to start a business in Guinea, starting from agriculture, banking, machinery and construction and going on with roads, air and water infrastructures, telecom, education and hygiene services.
It’s obviously necessary to list the major ways of how to make money in Guinea:
1. Islamic banking – the idea is getting very popular world-wide. This investment in Guinea will give a new life to the whole local market and commerial environment. Islamic banks are working with the accordance to the Islamic law. They will still finance your start-up project or some small business, but will first evaluate your potential and ability to pay in details.
2. Agriculture and fishing – it’s one of the largest sectors along Guinea and the products are highly demanded by the local community. At the same time there is a great opportunity to reduce dependance on imports, provide employment and develop exports potential of the country.
3. Public housing – Guinea is in a great need of a renewed infrastructure. The demand on commercial, administrative and private buildings is huge and there are plenty of promising projects for investors like building roads, air and water ports, etc.
4. ICT provision – a very profitable business project in the area. Recently, thing is that there is limited Internet connectivity available in Guinea, which itself prevents many ventures from launching here.
5. Telecoms business – increasingly demanded service around the country and region. A lot of opportunities to launch a small private business with a reasonable investment, earn great money on providing international telephone calls and expand bigger around the country and then regionally. GSM termination is one of the hi-tech and sharp telecoms businesses for Guinea. Go to and check it. 100% worth investment in this country and extremely beneficial indeed!

Emerging markets of Africa are becoming very popular among investors, because usually the profitability and Return On Investment from businesses are absolutely booming and, in this way, very attractive. Don’t waste this burning business opportunity for yourself!

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