6 affordable and quick approaches to start a business in Congo

As current economic situation in Congo shows, that is positively possible to be a world-level middle class, even in African country.

There is still a considerable gap between high and middle classes, but as an emerging growing market, there are a lot of business opportunities in Congo and huge potential for most people to live comfortably and run a private business.

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Profitable business ideas not to overlook in Congo

1. Congo is a very rich in natural resources and there is a wide infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, parks etc. You can simply cooperate with all services providers as a touristic agency and provide visitors with exotic tours, cruises, guides and a whole bunch of local ethical touristic infrastructure. All you need is to establish connections and discuss the conditions, launch web-page and create various tours options. Africa and Congo in particular are the desired destinations for plenty of tempted travelers.

2. One more great and minimal investment opportunity in Congo can be digital content production. It can be either web designing, or writing articles, developing various apps, making promo movies. Demand for this sort of recourse is steadily growing around the world and in Africa in particular. What you basically need is to invest time in the initial study: pass some trainings, read plenty of free education materials available in the Internet, practice, create a portfolio and start to look for free-lance offers.

3. Various services for the local community can be a great small business start-up idea. Any kind of administrative and consultancy services in different area will work really great in Congo, because there is only 33% average literacy and education rate among population.

4. Forestry sector is a very attractive business for Congo. There are over 13 million hectares of forest. It is a lot of potential in complementing niches like furniture construction and timber production services.

5. Agro-industry and fishery are major sectors for Congo business and these still require a sufficient infrastructure, tools and organized chain for supply. There are only about 2% of the arabal land in the country, which is used for farming. A business of production food for exports is not established at all and misses investment and a scale business project.

6. Telecoms infrastructure and services — as in most African markets, Congo has very unstable connections. That is why it remains vital to fix telecom and internet connection network and let people communicate easily. In this field there is a very profitable niche, based on international telephone calls. GSM termination business is highly profitable. If you are thinking of how to make money in Congo, then just check with this web-site: www.antrax.mobi. You can just invest in a compact machine, install it and start transferring international telephone calls. Congo is one of the top destination for launching this biz. It’s a great and worth investment in Congo.

In short, Guinea is an emerging African market for you to consider as an object of investment indeed. Invest in Congo — this market is very rewarding and will give you a lot of experience as an investor

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