What is VoIP Gateway?

Many people wonder what VoIP gateway is? What is its’ purpose? A VoIP Gateway can make routing between IP – GSM networks. With the help of VoIP gateway businessmen are able to earn money. This business is called GSM (Call) termination.

 VoIP GSM gateway device basically works with different protocols – SIP, H.323, H.225.0 and others. Communications protocol is able to control and signal multimedia communication sessions.

VoIP gateway contains GSM modules to transmit GSM signal. Also it has an Internet connection for receiving VoIP signal. So basically VoIP gateway router receives IP call via Internet (like very well known Skype), converts it and transmits it to our cell phones via GSM antennas.

what is call termination

VoIP gateway providers are located all over the world. But main factories are situated in Asia (China, Taiwan) and Europe (Latvia, France, Check Republic). The prices of Gateways are very variable. Price depends on quality, warranty and much more.

In this image you can see main part of VoIP gateway.

voip to sip

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