GSM termination in Nigeria

Profitable GSM termination business in Nigeria

Today IT technologies are gaining more and more popularity, and GSM termination business in Nigeria is not an exception. This profitable business is growing every day and Nigeria market is very good to install.

So GSM termination business – is a ready-made business (with ANTRAX help) in telecommunications and you can make money on international incoming calls from all over the world to Nigeria.

GSM termination consultation

As population in Nigeria is high – people are calling to each other every day and using mobile phones every day, that’s why GSM termination can give you good money income.

So to start making money with GSM termination business you will need:

  1. To have special good quality equipment(hardware and software)
  2. To have SIM cards of local mobile operators in large amount
  3. To have location where place equipment
  4. To have stable internet on location
  5. To have electricity
Transit price 0.04$ per 1 minute
Local tariff 0.02$ per 1 minute
INCOME per 1 minute (difference between Transit price and Local tariff price) 0.02$ per 1 minute
INCOME (average turnover), MONTHLY (average) up to 6000$
ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (package of equipment and software) 5500$

Profit with GSM termination

Transit price to Nigeria is 0.04$, local tariff is 0,02$ so your net profit from 1 minute will be 0,04$-0,02$ = 0,02$

Minimum system can generate 10 000 minutes per day, so per day you can earn 200$, means that per month your profit can be up to 6000$

So if you have all this points and have wish and time to work – good profitable business of GSM termination is for you, isn’t its time to start making up to 6000$ per month in Nigeria from now?

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