How to make money in Democratic Republic of Congo

How to make money in Democratic Republic of Congo

With population more than 78 millions of people Democratic Republic of Congo is very popular destination for GSM termination business.

With GSM termination business you will be able to earn on transferring international calls through local sim cards (sims of your country). These international calls will be transferred to you by a transit operator (Flames Group). Difference between cost of 1 min international call and 1 min local call will be your profit (margin).

Let’s look more closely to the figures of the business. Right now the most popular destination on the market is Vodacome. The local tariff is only about 0,06$ per 1 minute, and the transit price is 0,14$ per 1 minute.

With the help of our solution you will have possibility to get profit up to 8000$ from the investment of only 5500$.

GSM termination consultation

Transit price 0.14$ per 1 minute
Local tariff 0.06$ per 1 minute
INCOME per 1 minute (difference between Transit price and Local tariff price) 0.08$ per 1 minute
INCOME (average turnover), MONTHLY (average) up to 8000$
ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (package of equipment and software) 5500$

The figures are very impressive, are not they?

How to make money in Democratic Republic of Congo

If you would like to join our partnership right now – For starting GSM termination business from your side is needed:

  • get source of buying sim cards;
  • get good internet in Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • get a device (GSM termination equipment);
  • find location in Democratic Republic of Congo where you’ll install it;
  • be ready to work and earn.

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