How to reduce SIM blocking and become a successful GSM terminator?

In our previous articles, we talked a lot about GSM termination business and who is the GSM terminator that will be required to start the project and so on. Today we will talk about more technical aspects, specifically, about the main problem in the GSM termination business – How to reduce SIM blocking and become a successful GSM terminator?

Mobile operators of all countries of the world know perfectly well about the existence of GSM termination activities. And since this business brings millions of losses to mobile companies, mobile operators are trying to struggle in every way to fight this business. How? Blocking sim cards that seem to them suspicious, namely, SIM cards whose behavior is different from the behavior of real subscribers.

Solution for GSM termination business

Let’s consider in more detail how to live SIM cards of real subscribers every day and what functions a professional solution for GSM termination business should have.

Professional solution for GSM termination business

  1. A live subscriber moves around the city, he does not sit in one place. In the mobile network world, this is indicated by the fact that the SIM card is constantly registered at different base stations of the mobile operator. Therefore, be sure before starting that the GSM termination solution you have has the function of simulating the movement of SIM cards, or BTS-management.
  2. Each subscriber has several numbers to which he makes the greatest number of calls. As a rule, these are the numbers of the husband, wife, children, colleagues, friends. Therefore, the chosen solution should have the function of creating a “sim- family”
  3. Each mobile phone has its own unique number, IMEI-code. Typically, a person uses one mobile phone for one (maximum two) SIM cards. Therefore, it is important that the system selected by you has the function of “IMEI generation”
  4. The subscriber receives and makes calls every day, writes sms, makes USSD requests, checks the balance. All these functions must be in the solution chosen by you
  5. To date, it is very difficult to imagine that the subscriber does not use mobile Internet. Therefore, it is very important that the system chosen by you has a functional output of the SIM card on the Internet and visits to popular websites (Facebook, Instagram and so on)

All these functions are called a Human Behavior Simulation (HBS). If the chosen system does not have such functionality, then your SIM cards will not live more than 20 minutes after activation, and you simply lose money, spending thousands of dollars a month for the purchase of SIM cards.

GSM termination consultation

Also important is the protection of your SIM cards from SPAM and from control calls of mobile operators. Let us consider in more detail.

For example, a certain number makes several calls in a row with zero duration and with an interval of several seconds. This reduces the quality of your route, importantindicators of ACD and ASR. If there is a SPAM protection feature in the system you have chosen, then this number can be put on the black list and the system will not miss calls from this number any more. And if there is no protection from SPAM in the system, then such a call will become more and more, and you will simply stop earning because most calls will be with zero duration.

What about the control dial

Very often mobile operators arrange “control” calls, check international routes for “clean”. The mobile operator makes an international call from country A to country B. He knows number A and number B. If number B receives a call from number A, then everything is fine, and this means that the call went through a “white route”.

If the number B receives a call not from number A, but from a local number, from a local SIM card, it means that the call was on the “gray” route, with the GSM terminator. And at this moment the mobile operator blocks sim cards, with which number B has received a call. And such control dialing usually happens not one, but at once dozens of calls, and even hundreds.

So, in this case, you will also benefit from the system of protection from SPAM, numbers A and B can be blacklisted and will not be missed by your system in the future. Moreover, experienced companies already have ready “black” lists of such numbers, which they can share with terminators. This will help reduce the percentage of sim-lock.

All these functions will help extend the life of the SIM card to the maximum. But in any case, sooner or later, the mobile operator understands that it is not a live caller who is ringing, but the gateway is ringing, and at that moment he blocks the SIM card.

That is why, it is impossible to beat the sim-lock 100%, there are no such solutions, and if someone tells you that his system will protect from the sim-lock by 100%, then do not believe them, they just try to deceive you.

Currently, professional quality solutions can extend the life of SIM cards up to 10-30 days, no more. It is these indicators that the ANTRAX system gives. We have all of the above functions and even more. Therefore, we will be happy to share with you our experience in the struggle for the life of your SIM cards!

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