GSM Termination — International Business available to all

GSM Termination — International Business available to all!

How often do you use mobile phone to talk? You just come to think of it. Mobile connection is certainly one of the most prominent discoveries of the 20th century. Regardless of whether it is a city, a country or a continent, everyone of us can easily get or send information instantly at any time. This invention doesn’t have any limits or boundaries. Nearly every resident of our planet owns mobile phone. Can you say the same thing about personal computer, refrigerator or automobile? — No!

Regardless of the financial abilities, social status and other possible factors nearly anyone can afford the device, with the help of which you can cover the distance of thousands miles in several seconds. Soon there will be more mobile phones than people in the world.

GSM termination consultation

Just imagine how much money the mobile operators earn. Anyone can become a part of this business and thereby you have two basic ways how to:

  1. Obtaining the license
    Obtain the license for definite radiowave granted by government. In other words become an operator of mobile connection. This method is appropriate by far not to all as  it requires a lot of time and enormous investment.
  2. GSM Termination Business
    This direction is suitable to any person, who wishes to become a part of telecommunication business. Therefore we focus exactly on this topic in our article.

Various types of networks are closely linked in the sphere of telecom. The most widely spread of which are GSM ( mobile network ) and VoIP ( Internet network ). Lots of people use not only cell connection for communication but also variety of other programs, which provide voice and video communication via Internet: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. In order to connect these two networks ( GSM and VoIP )a device called VoIP GSM gateway is used. With the help of such equipment you will be able to convert any call from the Internet network into mobile one.

How does international call in the mobile network occur? It is impossible to deliver a call from one country to another via GSM network. In order to do this one will have to install mobile operator antennas on the way from one country to another but this is technically, politically and financially unprofitable. Here transit operators come to play – intermediaries, which help to deliver a call from one corner of the world to another with the help of Internet (VoIP network). When transit operator receives such international call its task is to make this call reach its destination (subscriber).That is the point when the necessity to cooperate with GSM terminators arises. Namely they provide and guarantee the quality routes to make the call reach its recipient. Such calls will be made with the help of SIM cards of local operator. People who have such devices are called GSM terminators. The cost of routes is absolutely different and it basically depends on the country or area.

Below you can estimate the potential of running this business in some countries, where GSM termination business is developing rapidly.

COUNTRY ROUTE COST LOCAL COST GROSS MARGIN Number of partners Total monthly income Total traffic per month
KAZAKHSTAN 0,04$ MIN 0,01$ MIN 0,03$ MIN 3 18 250$ 775 300 MIN
KYRGYZSTAN 0,10$ MIN 0,01$ MIN 0,09$ MIN 4 29 720$ 950 470 MIN
KENYA 0,04$ MIN 0,01$ MIN 0,03$ MIN 5 25 680$ 1 020 320 MIN
NIGERIA 0,04$ MIN 0,01$ MIN 0,03$ MIN 4 21 740$ 920 490 MIN

So, please, take your chance! Open horizons of new GSM termination business, which is available absolutely to all. Get engaged and earn! You haven’t started your termination yet so we are on the way to you!

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