How to beat Anti Fraud

How to beat Anti-fraud Systems in Call Termination Business

On the way to successful GSM termination business there is a significant obstacle – it’s a blocking of SIM cards. Why is this happening? It’s simple. The thing is that mobile operators-monopolists know about the existence of GSM terminators, who take some of their profits. That’s why they developed a special software called Anti-Fraud, whose main task is to detect the GSM termination equipment and immediately block the SIM cards in it. This program is the main enemy of GSM terminators in their business. We can not know all the details of the operation of this system, since the operators hide the information about this program.
We will tell about the main aspects of this program that we managed to identify.

The work of Sim Blocking Protector system (Anti-Anti-Fraud) is based on the analysis of subscriber behavior in the network.
  1. Firstly, a real subscriber moves a lot around the city and his mobile phone is constantly registered at different locations, but if calls are made only from one location, then this will immediately alert the mobile operator.
  2. Secondly, a real person doesn’t make only calls from his mobile device, but sends SMS also, makes various USSD-requests (for example about the state of balance), and similar actions.
  3. Thirdly, the system analyzes the numbers to which the subscriber is calling. According to statistics, each of us makes 80% of all calls to only 5 numbers. In telecommunications such numbers are called “subscriber family”. So, if a subscriber calls to different numbers all the time and with high intensity, it immediately signals the Anti-fraud system that the GSM gateway is working instead of a live person.
  4. Fourth, for the system it will also be suspicious if SIM cards will be permanently registered from different mobile phones. An ordinary person does not often change their SIM cards. If it happens with a suspicious frequency, then this is also a clear sign for the operator.

That’s why it is necessary to simulate the behavior of a live subscriber maximally and then, you will be able to cheat Anti-Fraud.

Knowing these highlights, which Anti-Fraud analyzes, our technical developers have registered quality schemes for the protection of GSM terminators.

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What are the options used to simulate the behavior of a real human and SIM cards protection in ANTRAX equipment and software?
  1. Sim migration
    With the option of placing GSM termination equipment in different locations, we have the opportunity to program the system in such a way that sim cards move between GSM gateways at different locations and thereby registering in different GSM-cells, simulating the movement of real subscribers around the city.
  2. Sim rotation
    It is also an important factor for successful work in the GSM termination. The essence of this rotation is that the SIM cards will be divided into groups and it will be possible to configure the parameters for each SIM card inside the group. You can specify the maximum number of minutes that each SIM card can miss, the frequency of calls from each card, and the time of the change to the next in the queue. This parameter, as practice shows, can effectively deal with blocking.
  3. Change of IMEI
    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) – the international identifier of mobile equipment or simply put the unique 15-digit number of each mobile phone. This is a powerful tool that can confuse Anti-Fraud in its attempts to analyze calls. Changing the IMEI allows you to change the data of the mobile device, for example, it can change the country of origin of the device.
  4. Generating of the incoming calls
    This function should not be underestimated, since it plays an important role in modeling the behavior of a live subscriber. After all, we not only make outgoing calls in real life, but also accept incoming calls. Not every software can boast of this function, but in our software SIM cards make calls to each other, imitating the incoming conversation.
    Often mobile operators make chimes or dispatches on SIM cards trying to determine whether it is a real subscriber or a machine running. So for this purpose in our software such functions as Anti-Spam and Black List management are provided.
  5. Anti-Spam
    Anti-Spam allows you to set a filter to receive calls and messages.
  6. Black List
    Black List – is the ability to enter numbers of subscribers who have tried to carry out any undesirable actions towards you in the “black list”.

The Anti-Spam program is designed to analyze voice traffic. The program looks at whether it was a normal call between ordinary subscribers or, possibly, the SIM card tried to ring Anti-fraud, and by results of the analysis Anti-Spam forms “black”, “white” and “gray” lists.

In the “black” list numbers are entered from which they call several times without duration, and when the next time a call comes from such numbers, it will be repulsed.

“White” lists are calls between ordinary subscribers. There will be numbers with a good duration of calls.

The “gray” list is an intermediate link in which to enter the number, if there were several attempts from it (usually 3 attempts within a minute) of the ringing. The next time you try to call, this number automatically falls into the “black” list.

As you can see, the main secret of successful GSM termination is powerful a software for hardware to protect your SIM cards and provide security to the owner of the GSM termination system. Without intelligent management, there will not be any protection from SIM blocking, SIM cards will be quickly blocked, the costs for purchasing new ones will increase accordingly, the total costs will exceed revenues and the business of GSM termination will not work in this way. Therefore, it is very important for everyone who plans to do business in GSM terminations, to select competently not only equipment, but also software for it, this is the main guarantee of success in this business!

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