Top 5 mistakes made by newbies in GSM termination

Business in the sphere of telecommunications is considered to be one of the most stable.It is not subjected to effect of economic crises and will always bring profit. But a newbie in this field must be aware of the facts that have an impact on GSM terminator’s earnings. We have worked out Top 5 mistakes in GSM termination to help you avoid them. If you exerscise sensible approach you will be able to prevent loss and increase the income from this business.

  1. The level of SIM-card protection for VoIP GSM termination from Anti-Fraud system

    A number of beginning GSM terminators think, if the gateway has 8 channels therefore the amount of SIM cards should be 8 as well. But it is wrong assumption. The more SIM-cards participate in GSM termination – the better it is. Beingly largely blocked by the systems, you have to buy new ones which means additional expenditures. In some countries phone numbers are blocked several hours after the activation and your business can go bust because of SIM-blocking.
    The range of solutions on the market provide the software which ensures effective simulation of human behavior in the network in order to bypass the anti-fraud systems and minimize the SIM card blocking. With the help of the following software solutions you can plausibly imitate SIM card migration around thre city, generate incoming calls, send USSD requests and other activities which will resemble ordinary human ones.

  2. The quality of Internet connection for GSM termination

    The effectiveness of GSM termination depends directly on the quality of Internet connection which GSM gateways are connected to. If it is not stable the calls will be short or failed at all. In that case your profit will decrease as well. Connect your VoIP equipment to high-speed Internet, pay your attention to ping and packet loss indicators for network. Optimazation of Internet traffic consumption is included in premium solutions.

    The quality of Internet connection for GSM termination

    For GSM gateway optimal operation data transmission speed must be no less than 2 Мbps.

  3. Equipment location (GSM gateways and SIM boxes) for VoIP termination

    You should place GSM gateways in the crowded place where there is high passability of phone calls. It can be a center of the city, business center, block of flats in the city center, market area, railstation area or densly populated residential area. Thereby SIM Box is advised to be located in another place in order to increase the level of security and convenience for card replacement.

  4. Encrypted Internet channels

    The majorityt off solutions offered for GSM termination work through open Internet channel. One of the risks you take running this business is that mobile operators constantly monitor Internet traffic. Professional solutions have a build-in VPN function, due to which all data is encrypted.

    Encrypted Internet channels

    In order to use this function you will have to rent the virtual server (You need VPS M variant, for 6,99 Euro per month, choose Europe in the options). This step is made when you set up your equipment, you don’t need to do it before.

  5. The choice of proper partner on VoIP traffic

    It is quite essential to find reliable partner, provider of VoIP traffic for Voice termination. Mojority of companies run this business illegaly. Therefore they don’t provide their partners with any guarantees. It is quite hard to look into this business for a newbie. As there is a number of issues when choosing the route. ANTRAX provides not only an officially formalized collaboration but also consultations.

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