ANTRAX is the best solution

Why does ANTRAX equipment is the best solution on the market

In our previous articles, we told you what GSM termination business is, who the GSM terminator is, and what you need to start this profitable business. Today we will talk about a ready-made solution for the business of GSM termination, which is called ANTRAX

Flames Group has been a major transit operator for about 12 years, our main office is based in Latvia, Riga. During this time, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner and successfully cooperate with partners in 80 countries around the world.

To date, we are actively developing and we have several directions of activity.

The total revenue of our partners for 2017 was about $9.000.000 . Such revenue became possible due to our high-quality solution for GSM termination, called ANTRAX. This decision we have been producing for about 8 years.

GSM termination consultation

All these 8 years from day to day the team of our developers improves the quality of software, which allows us to be deservedly called the best solution in the GSM termination market.

So what is ANTRAX?

This is a ready-made solution for the GSM termination project.

ANTRAX includes everything that a GSM terminator needs:

  1. Equipment. Our equipment is manufactured at the leading European plant Volburg (Latvia). The quality of assembly of our gateways and sim-boxes corresponds to European standards. Also, the ANTRAX equipment has a stylish design, it is compact and convenient, with each component having a built-in onboard PC
  2. Software. This is perhaps the most important part of the GSM business termination solution. We provide our own software that our developers have been improving for 8 years. At the moment we have a perfect “model of human behavior”, AntiSpam management, BTS management, protection against detection, more than 100 ready-made logics and algorithms for sim-cards behavior and much more. All this maximally prolongs the life of your SIM cards, and also makes your work as simple as possible, because most processes in the ANTRAX system are automated.
  3. Technical support. Our team of professional technicians is online 7 days a week. They make all the necessary settings for the equipment, train them to use and manage the system, select a unique logic for each project, according to the chosen country, locations, mobile operator, and so on. This is especially important for beginners in this business.
  4. Traffic. As mentioned above, Flames Group is a major transit company, so we offer cooperation on traffic, we are always interested in the high-quality direct routes that the ANTRAX solution provides. Every day the number of our partners increases, and the volume of voiced traffic that we redirects increases.
Quality route

It’s no secret that a direct GSM terminator with a quality route is a tidbit for any VoIP company’s . That is why we are actively expanding the partner network all over the world.

And our ANTRAX solution simplifies the work of our partners as much as possible, it prolongs the life of SIM cards, gives high ACD performance (from 5 minutes and up), ASR (from 75% and more) and thanks to this, our partners and we have a consistently high income.

And that’s why the ANTRAX solution is deservedly the best in the GSM termination market.

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