Voice traffic

Voice traffic

Voice traffic is the traffic of outgoing calls, which is graded in several directions:

  1. Internet, including all outgoing calls within the network, as well as calls to voice mail, “favorite” numbers, to closed group subscribers;
  2. External network, consisting of outgoing calls to the numbers of other cellular and fixed-line operators;
  3. General voice traffic, which takes into account all types of outgoing calls;
  4. International, which provides outgoing calls to international numbers and mobile phones serviced by foreign operators.

Voice traffic

Traffic is used in terminations for the purpose of earning, using special equipment called GSM gateway. People constantly communicate with each other using mobile phones. So there is traffic.

Now there are many transit companies that offer their services. With such a variety it is important to pay attention to:

GSM termination consultation

The cost of GSM termination. The higher it is, the better.

  1. Availability
  2. The quality of the connection, that is, the quality of the traffic provided

The cost of GSM termination. The higher it is, the better

Using traffic provided by untested transit companies you can stay without earning. You as a GSM terminator can receive so-called fake calls, for which naturally you will not earn anything. Therefore it is very important to choose a good partner for successful work.

There are also companies on the market that provide their own equipment in addition to traffic. Cooperating with such companies you get an additional advantage:

  1. Communicate with only one company without spraying.
  2. Get everything together: hardware, software, technical support and traffic.

One of such companies is the company ANTRAX, the leader in the world market. The company offers long-term partnership relations.
Do not wait, become a part of this business today.

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