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Where to invest money in Macedonia

Economic crisis is hitting almost every country around the world. For some people it becomes a reason of loosing their business, the others see it like irresistible obstacle for starting their own. But the most successful people see economic crisis like an impact for looking new business opportunities. And now we would like to talk about ways of earning money in Macedonia.

So where to invest money in Macedonia?

We want to tell You about the profitable business in Macedonia that doesn’t get any influence by international crisis. This business is called GSM termination and it is a part of telecommunication business and by this reason is actual and profitable in all times, even during international crisis.

This a new kind of business in Macedonia and lets You to make money on difference in price between international and local calls. 


So what do You need to earn money in Macedonia with the help of GSM termination.

  1. Equipment that will let to You convert and intentional call into a local one.
  2. Knowledge about how You can use this equipment.
  3. Basic knowledge of computer equipment.
  4. Good Internet connection and constant supply of local sim cards.

How to calculate the profit from this new business in Macedonia?

You should understand that your profit in GSM termination is the difference between the income from Transit company (price of your route) and expenses for local on-net calls.gsm termiantion macedonia

The price of route for VIP GSM operator in Macedonia is 0.17 USD. For instance, our company (Flames Group) can pay you this price for every minute.

The most suitable tariff in Macedonia VIP GSM network is 0.02 USD.

Finally, you have at least 0.15 USD per minute as you own profit!

GSM termination in Macedonia - Infographic ANTRAX
GSM termination in Macedonia – Infographic ANTRAX

GSM termination consultation

INCOME (difference between local cost and route cost) 0.15
INCOME MONTHLY up to 72000$
ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (package of equipment and software) 9400$

Conditions on making this profitable investment inMacedonia to get the income mentioned above:

  • Security is crucial for this route (soft features to avoid detection)
  • System administrator with basic knowledge of Linux OS to manage the system
  • GSM termination hardware should be reliable and with the high quality
  • GSM termination software should be customized to protect your SIMs from anti FRAUD systems. Blocking SIMs is the most usual problem for GSM termination activity and anti-blocking solution is crucial for earning good money.
  • Possibility to purchase local Macedonian SIM-cards easily
  • Stable synchronous Internet connection with bandwidth 4 Mbit/sec
  • Stable Electricity connection (UPS usage is preferable)
  • Finally you should have bank account in USD currency.

Incredible! With 32 channels gateway and can transmit at minimal 10 000 minutes per day (including simbox racks for 300 cards).

If you’re interested how to make $1500 of pure profit in Macedonia every day, please, contact one of our telecommunication experts and get personal consultation!

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