ANTRAX GSM termination software updates

Explore 1.11.0 ANTRAX Software Update!

ANTRAX R&D team do our best to satisfy needs of our current and future customers to make GSM termination profitable. We permanently improve and create new features of our software for call termination to hold the leading positions in the world market of GSM termination. Please explore below the highlights of this software update.

See the full list of new ANTRAX software features 1.11.0.

Anti SPAM management

We got quite an innovative solution for SIM blocking minimizing, which is called ANTI-SPAM. It’s a program, which allows to group lists of incoming calls in three groups: black, grey and white lists and filter them. Getting our equipment, you can be sure your SIM cards will be absolutely safe!

Cutting Edge Technologies for call transmission

For fast data sending and non-high bandwidth internet connections. Audio data trunk transmission between gateway and Softswitch

Choose antenna you wish

Your gateway will use any antenna that that is available in the area (automatic connection to the best signal is also available)

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We should emphasize on the important point, friends! In comparison with other vendors our trunk feature is absolutely free, you have not to pay additional costs for vibe and etc. It is already build-in at basic grade.

Be intelligent in termination!

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