1.11.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you  about the availability of new ANTRAX software version (1.11.0).

The following changes have been introduced in 1.11.0 version:

– The possilbility of audio data transfer between Yate Softswitch and Voice Server via IAX trunk was realized, which allows to reduce the load on Internet channel

– The mechanism of IMSI catcher statistical detection was realized. When the Voice Server starts operating an accumulation of all visible base stations and their channels from one location occurs. Therefore the appearance of new base station is signalized as possible IMSI catcher occurence.

– The possibility of compulsory card registration on specified channels of visible base stations was realized. (Provides additional opportunity for fighting with SIM-blocking and allows to reduce the frequency of location change

– The possibility to unload the call attempts was added, which are displayed in  GUI client VoIP AntiSpam tab when the Black list is unloaded; (it provides with the opportunity to analyse the Black List on amount of call attempts)

– We added the possibility of DTMF messages passing between VoIP and GSM; (The specified function allows to send the DTMF from soft-phone, which enables a calling subscriber to use voice menu)



– The possibility to generate full IMEI from the list to registry Registry was introduced; (it enables to upload trusted IMEI to the system)

– The mechanism of card operation by minute/second/mixed tariffication was introduced; (it enables to use different types of tariffication for operator”s tariff plan)

We kindly note, that since 2016 the 1.9.12 version will be supported exclusively for fixing the critical bugs ( The updates on this version will no more be carried out).

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