1.1.0 ANTRAX Software Update

Current software improvements include:

  • The architecture of system was symplified due to DCS deletion;

  • In order to simplify GUI basic setting of devices was transfered to configuration files;

  • The structure of database and its query statements were optimized;

  • The mechanism of initial upload was changed as well as script updates in system in order to quicken the start of system;

  • The support of new types of devices was added — SIMBOX60, SIMBOX120, GSMBOX4, GSMBOX8;

  • The system support of some SS was added;

  • The launch, status qualification,and re-launch mechanism of servers ware re-done;

  • Possibility of GSM channels blocking for the specified events or manually was realized;

  • The possibility of IMSI-catcher detection was realized (the function operates only with devices GSMB3, GSMBOX4, GSMBOX8);

  • The mechanism of data display regarding GSM and SIM channels on GUI was optimized — the receipt of info goes from memory rather than database;

  • The support of aliases for devices in system was added;

  • Numeration of channels was changed — the numeration starts from number «one» rather than from number «zero»;

  • We added the counters of inbound and outbound SMS similarly to phone calls counters;

  • Section «Session Period Script» in SIM group was strengthened with the capacity of SMS activity limitation;

  • Sections «SIM and Voice Server Factor Scripts» in SIM group were strengthened with the capacity of sorting in accordance with SMS statistical data;

  • We expanded statistics on the quantity of received and sent SMS;

  • We have added the mapping of real quantity of received and sent SMS in SIM history;

  • The mechanism of inbound and outbound SMS processing was improved;

  • The exchange of APDU commands between SS and VS was advanced, which allowed to quicken the proceedings with SIM cards;

  • IMEI manual reset mechanism was added;

  • The possibility of full text display in the SIM history of SMS and USSD messages was added;

  • The out-dated voipadapter library was substituted with jiax2- the opperations with SIP and H323 protocols were substituted with IAX within system”s framework;

  • The function VOIP antispam of inbound traffic filtration on A and B numbers was realized.


  • script «generate event after timeout passing» added – generates events after specified period of time;

  • «sleep» script was expanded with the capacity of event generation after the sleep period is over;

  • Script «USSDdialog» now features the opportunity of event generation after successful script performance;

  • Script «generate event after SMS» was added – generates SMS on receipt of specified quantity of SMS;

  • Script «reset IMEI on event» was added;

  • The IMEI template now features the opportunity of figure substitution from the number of SIM card;

  • We added the feature of changing the SNR template for «IMEI based on TAC and FAC» script;

  • Script «check calls duration» was added – checks the duration on SIM card and generates events on over or under attainment of specified limit.

All software updates

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