What does effects on call termination price

What does effects on call termination price

Call termination (aka. GSM termination) – is a merge of Internet networks and mobile networks. Simply put, Internet network is called VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and mobile network is called GSM.

If you are looking to start new profitable business and considering GSM termination business this article is for you, we will explain you most important details on which you need to navigate before venturing this business.

So first what you need is to buy completed system for termination, like : hardware, software and of course in a priority technical team, specialist which are ready to support you all the time.

This Software and Hardware Complex consists of two different parts:
First important part is GSM gateway. What does it do? In fact, it is just a box which contains GSM modules which sends signals from the Internet. It consists of up to 4 or 8 GSM channels. That is 4 or 8 simultaneous calls.

GSM gateway
ANTRAX gateways support all band of GSM frequencies, GPRS and IMEI change.

And second required part of this complex is a SIM Box – the place where the SIM cards are stored. SIM Box allows you to install and manage any amount of SIM cards of different mobile operators that enables work of several GSM gateways placed in different locations. Available configurations: 60 sims and 120 sims.

SIM box
Several SIM Boxes can be consolidated in one system that provides with a possibility to use unlimited number of sims in your system.

Maybe in your mind you are asking why is it so important to have good quality system not only hardware. Its because Call termination is a specific business and very profitable in lots of countries, because mobile operators and all telecommunication sphere is fast growing nowadays, almost all people are using mobile phones, so if you will have only hardware, you will not be able to compete with mobile

GSM termination consultation

Operators, as they have strong equipment like Anti-fraud systems, they will be able easily track your hardware and block your cards, so you need to have as well software and technical team which will be working and helping to run termination business and even without knowledge if you find a good professional company you can be owner on GSM termination business just need your time.

Also, very important for running Call termination business is security. So before starting you need to choose system protected. Not a lot of companies has it and at the same time, you can find. Also you will need to take care about not talking to everybody what you are doing or plan to do, it will affect on security as well.

Other factor is your clients in this business, like transit companies, companies which will provide you with traffic, you need to look before buying system and be sure that you have a transit company who will supply traffic to your route.

So if you like idea you are welcome to be owner of best business in

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