Best country to do call termination

The best country to do Call termination in Balkans

Call termination (aka. GSM termination) is the completion of a call, the delivery of a call to the end users.

More often this concept is used when mention of earnings, namely GSM termination of voice traffic using VoIP gateway.

Voice traffic – a phone call, calls in a certain direction by the number of network operators.

Consider one of the most profitable directions for termination. Based on our experience – The best country to do Call termination in Balkans is Albania. Even if a small country has its numerous diasporas in many countries of Europe and the world. Accordingly, there is no gap with traffic, people constantly call their relatives in Albania.

GSM termination consultation

Also the benefit of the direction is the high cost of the international call minute and relatively inexpensive local cost.

Let’s consider in more detail:

Take the standard configuration of 32 channels and 180 sim cards.

Our company will be able to provide 200 minutes a day for each channel.
The cost of an incoming call is not lower than 0.15 $
Local 0.05-0.06 $
Thus, the earnings will be:
0.15-0.05 = 0.10 $ for every minute of the call
32 channels * 200 minutes = 6400 minutes a day.

6400 minutes a day * 0.10 $ = 640 $ per day, about 18000 $ per month, naturally this profit is not clean, there will be costs for Internet, electricity, rent of premises and purchase of SIM cards.

Our company offers everything you need for business: hardware, software, technical support, traffic.

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