ANTRAX VoIP business

ANTRAX VoIP business

ANTRAX VoIP business in the field of telecommunications is the most profitable and rapidly developing in the world. It is the business of the future. One of the directions of telecommunications is GSM termination. This business is built on the transfer of international calls using sim cards of local mobile operators.

Since this is a business that is based on the transfer of international mobile calls using local SIM cards of mobile operators. In other words, you can intercept some of the international mobile traffic and earn very good money on it.

Transfer of international calls

In everyday life you could be confronted with the activity of GSM termination. When you wait for a call from abroad, but on the screen of your mobile phone you see the local number of your country. This is the activity of GSM termination. That is, GSM termination is like “hacking” or “fraud”, you can receive a part of the profit, which is intended for the mobile operator of your country.

So what does it take to start a business of GSM termination?

As in any business, GSM termination requires a solution, or in other words, a tool for project implementation.

Here is a list of the necessary resources for the business of GSM termination business of GSM termination:

  1. SIM Cards
  2. Equipment (GSM gateways and SIM Boxes)
  3. Smart software
  4. Traffic (international calls).

GSM termination consultation

The ANTRAX solution provides 3 out of 4 necessary components. ANTRAX is a ready-made solution for the GSM-termination project. Our solution consists of:

  1. Equipment (a modular structure that will allow you to conduct business as safely and comfortably as possible.) You can keep GSM sluices and sim-boxes, even in different countries, separately)
  2. Smart software (the main task of software in this business is to reduce the percentage of SIM-blocking, that is, to extend the life of your SIM cards. To do this, sim cards from your system should maximize the behavior of a live subscriber (HBS). The perfect model of human behavior Each SIM card will move between cells in and out of the base stations of the same cell (this sim migration, including a BTS management.) With the installation of gateways on the locations our technicians will Monitors cell and enter number of base station data into your system, and SIM cards will receive incoming calls, write SMS, check the status of accounts and other USSD requests, each SIM card will have its own “monthly family”, with which they will call each other and so on. Also, the ANTRAX software solution has a lot of additional logic and functions, I listed only some of them)
  3. Technical support. Our technicians are online 7 days a week, they completely customize the system and teach you how to use and manage the system. It is very important that you have where to turn in case of questions or misunderstanding of any process. Especially if you are new to this direction.
  4. User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is the only system management point. This is a convenient interface that is installed on your PC or laptop, you will have access to GUI anywhere in the world, so you can remotely control and monitor the system. In the GUI you will see all the statistics on the operation of your system as a whole and for each component separately, you will be able to track the behavior history of each SIM card and much more.
  5. Traffic. The company Flames Group (which is the manufacturer of the ANTRAX solution) is a large transit company, so we offer not just a purchase of a solution, but also a further partnership on traffic.

These are the main advantages of working with the ANTRAX solution. Typically, companies provide one thing: equipment, or software, or traffic. But the ANTRAX solution is a ready-made model, a turn-key business. We provide full support and advice at all stages of the project.

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