How to avoid SIM blocking

How to avoid SIM blocking

How to avoid SIM blocking. Nowadays, the business of GSM termination is gaining momentum and is developing in many countries. It’s really a lucrative telecommunications project that anyone can start. But as elsewhere, in this business there is the underwater stone. Namely – the blocking of SIM cards.

Unfortunately, in the world there is no solution that can protect your SIM cards from blocking by 100%. And if the manufacturer of hardware or software tells you that its product solves the question of a sim-lock by 100% – do not believe it, it’s impossible. Because not only solutions for GSM termination are being developed, but also its opponent – Anti-Fraud system of mobile operators.


If 10 years ago it was enough to insert a SIM card into the modem and it could easily work for about two weeks before blocking, today with the development of technologies, this, of course, is not enough. But there are ways that can extend the life of your SIM cards, thereby increasing the profit from the project of GSM termination. In this article I will try to describe in detail how ANTRAX solution can extend the life of SIM cards. That is, today we will consider the “Human Behavior Simulation” (HBS)

The first thing that pays attention AtiFraud system of mobile operators – this is the movement.

How exactly does the operator understand that the subscriber is moving? His SIM card is constantly registered at different base stations.

How does the ANTRAX system solve this problem?

Our solution has a modular structure, and we recommend installing GSM gateways in extremely crowded places, such as the city center, business center, market area, district ordered, densely populated sleeping area. This is to ensure that calls from your system mix as much as possible with the calls of a real flow of people, it is much more difficult to track a call from the GSM gateway, because the loads to the base stations in these places are as large as possible.

And also, the central locations in the city, as a rule, has 4-6 base stations. And the ANTRAX system creates a list of these base stations. And Sim cards from your system will be register turn by turn on these base stations, thereby creating an imitation of the subscriber’s movement around the city, but all the SIM cards will be physically located in one place – in the SIM Box. This function is possible thanks to the intelligent and technological software, which is in the ANTRAX system.

GSM termination consultation

Also AntiFraud of the system of operators pay attention to the frequency of calls, the number of unique numbers to which the subscriber calls, to pauses between calls, to write SMS, various USSD requests, to the output of the SIM card to the Internet. That is, all the actions that every live subscriber does every day in real life. All this can be done by the ANTRAX system, again, with the help of our software. We have more than 100 ready-made logics and algorithms for the behavior of SIM cards in the system, and most of the functions are automated (checking and replenishing the balance, activating the SIM card, changing the tariff plan, and so on).

IMEI code

SIM cards IMEI
It is important to pay attention to IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
Very often in low-quality solutions one IMEI code is used for several SIM cards (for 50-100 SIM cards), thereby making AntiFraud’s task easier for mobile operators. If at least one of these 50-100 SIM cards gets into the suspicion of the mobile operator, then all 50-100 SIM cards will be blocked at once, to which the same IMEI code was assigned. The ANTRAX system solves this problem. In the ANTRAX system, the IMEI code is assigned to each SIM card, each SIM card has its own unique IMEI code, that is, as in life, as a rule, a person has one SIM card and one mobile phone. This helps protect the SIM card from the sim-lock.

Filter of calls in the system

Another important factor is the filter of calls in the system. Why is this necessary?

Nowadays, there are a lot of bots and spam calls that degrade the quality of your route. For example, the bot makes a call and through your system passes 20 calls in a row with zero duration. This will also increase the risk of blocking SIM cards. The ANTRAX system, has a functional called AntiSpam Management. This is a call filter that generates “black”, “white” and “gray” lists of numbers.

In AntiSpam there are a lot of flexible settings and criteria for getting a number in one or another category of numbers. Accordingly, calls from the “black list” will be blocked by the ANTRAX system, thereby your route will be protected, to some extent, from Spam calls, and calls from the “white list” will be skipped by the system asap (firstly). And also, the ANTRAX solution has been on the market for 8 years already and we have assembled large ready-made lists of “black” and “white” numbers, which we will gladly share with our partners.

All these functions of the ANTRAX system, are able to extend the life of the SIM cards to the maximum. In each country, each mobile operator has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is very difficult to deduce the average life expectancy of SIM cards. But here are some examples of the most popular destinations.

With the ANTRAX system, SIM cards live on average:

  1. Russia 5-10 days
  2. Nigeria 7-14 days
  3. Kazakhstan 8-10 days
  4. Ghana 5-8 days
  5. Countries of the Balkan Peninsula 6-12 days

These are mean values. You should understand that in each project there are different criteria, different data, different behavior of AntiFraud systems on locations, and so on. We will help extend the life of your SIM cards to the maximum possible.

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