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GSM termination is a profitable investment in Libya

Political situation put a strong impact on the economy of the country. When the country appears in some political crisis the business sector suffers greatly. The government makes obstacles for people who want to start the business and the international community feel less confidence in cooperation with countries with not stable situation.


This situation is well known for citizens of Libya. During the past several years the country is extremely unstable. And it makes creative and active people to suffer a lot as they have no ways to earn in Libya.

But I want to tell You about a new business in Libya that doesn’t depend on the political situation in the country and lets You to get a good income.

If You want to start profitable business in Libya I advise You to think about GSM termination business. This is a business in telecommunications and, as it widely known, telecommunications is the most profitable business in the modern world. By this reason it’s not influenced by political situation or any other factors.

Libya gsm termination

Why GSM termination is a profitable investment in Libya

Libya has one of the highest rates of routes among The Middle East countries (0.1 USD for each minute of call for Libyana GSM operator that will pass through Your system.
Local tariff will let You to get high income (Libyana 0.06 LYD. You will get 0.04 USD of income per each minute of talk that will go through Your equipment. It is twice more then in other countries of The Middle East. Saudi Arabia has only 0.02 USD for example).

GSM termination in Libya - Infographic ANTRAX
GSM termination in Libya – Infographic ANTRAX

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What is the profit of doing GSM termination in Libya

The Transit operator will send international calls to You and all that You have to do is to buy and recharge Your local sim cards.

ROUTE COST (to Libya) 0.1$ MIN
INCOME (difference between local cost and rate of route) 0.04$ MIN
INCOME (average turnover), MONTHLY (average) up to 19200$
INITIAL INVESTMENT (package of equipment and software) starts from 9400$

How to make money in Libya with GSM termination

To start this business You will need
  • Equipment that will let to You convert an international call into a local one.
  • Knowledge about how You can use this equipment.
  • Basic knowledge of computer equipment.
  • Good Internet connection and constant supply of local sim cards.

Conditions on making this profitable investment in Libya to get the income mentioned above:

  • The project must be implemented with highest level of security
  • System administrator with initial knowledges of Linux OS is highly recommended
  • GSM termination hardware must have 100% quality warranty with software package created specially for GSM termination. This will allow you to avoid wasting time for fixing bugs of disparity.
  • GSM termination software has the most actual set of features to protect your SIMs from anti FRAUD systems. The most preferable is to have solution directly from vendor with professional level of support, because only in this case you can get the latest updates ASAP.
  • Possibility to purchase local Libyan SIM-cards easily
  • Stable synchronous Internet connection with bandwidth 4 Mbit/sec
  • Stable Electricity connection (UPS usage is preferable)
  • Finally you should have bank account in USD currency. The best option is to create company in offshore zone to avoid additional taxes.

Just imagine, your 32 channels system can transmit at minimal 10 000 minutes per day.
If you’re interested how to make $400 of pure profit in Libya every day, please, contact one of our telecommunication experts and get personal consultation!

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