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1.17.1 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that new ANTRAX software version (1.17.1) has recently become available.

The following changes have been performed in 1.17.1 version:

– The scripts for SMS check were finalized. Waiting time for SMS receipt was added. We added the possibility to process several SMS messages incoming from GSM network on necessary contents (words).

– Enable/Disable SIM card buttons were added to VOICE SERVER pad. It significantly comforted the possibility of traffic passage through SIM cards in manual mode.

– The text from large buttons was removed, only icons were left. Due to reduced size, we provided an opportunity to work with any functional buttons in GUI at low resolution of OS graphic interface.

– Call routing based on call history to the specified number was finalized. That is, the mechanism of VS selection and specific SIM card on it based on call history to concrete number. It enables to direct calls of the end subscriber using the same card.

– The display of SIM card registration error cause was added to SIM SERVER pad. It has simplified the process of SIM card registration failure detection in GSM network.

– Pop-up clues with table column headlines were added. The description of each functional button was added. It enables you to get familiar with the functionality in details.

– The possibility to turn on the audio file recordings from GUI was added. It eases up the process of call recordings significantly.

– The possibility to download audio files on each VS from GUI was added. It simplifies the extraction of call recordings.

– The possibility to check SMS text in GSM network assisted with scripts was added. It enables to forbid SMS traffic passage in accordance with established text samples in SMS.

– The quantity of data transferred from VS to CS was reduced. It optimizes the volume of transferred data among servers, the data transfer will be more reasonable from now on.

– The documentation was finalized and supplemented which enables to learn the ANTRAX system functionality in more details.

In order to transfer to the new software version, feel free to contact Antrax tech support manager (e-mail:, or address trough Support Center (

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