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1.16.2 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that a new ANTRAX software version (1.16.2.) has recently been released.

The following updates have been performed in 1.16.2 version:

– The possibility to add several rules for filtration of calls with suspicious activity was performed. The function enables to filter the traffic from undesirable calls more efficiently.

– A space for date activation of tariff plan in SIM SERVERS tab was added as well as two additional business scripts for tariff plan control were developed: Activate tariff plan and Generate event on ending tariff plan. It enables to set up tariff plan activation flexibly.

– The pause for ask for call script implementation was completed, if the card performs the outgoing call. It enables to eliminate the slip in processing of outgoing and incoming call.

– Generate event randomly by time, ask for ussd, generate event by period, sleep scripts were completed as well as ussd dialog action, check SMS and send SMS scripts were added. It enables to set up SIM card behavior more flexibly.

– The possibility to use Internet traffic was added. It enables to perform http requests, which is an additional possibility of SIM card operation set up to be functionally close to human behavior.

– Generate event after specified quantity of requests in the Internet script was created. It enables to perform business scripts after definite quantity of http requests.

– The flag indicating the limit reach of Internet traffic use was created. It enables to limit the usage of Internet traffic for client.

– Lock on IMSI catcher detect space in CONFIGURATION – GSM groups tab was removed. The settings were moved to system inner configuration files.

– UI abbreviation now stands for CS when moving to log files. It enables to correctly display the abbreviation of control server in log files.

– The display of channel quantity with (-1) indicator in VOICE SERVERS tab was corrected. It enables to display the quantity of channels correctly.

– The possibility of SMS distribution on IP switch on and off was added. The possibility of SMS message quantity filtration from definite IP switch on/off was added.

– The incorrect operation of light indication on GSM Box when channels block was fixed.

– Some other bugs were fixed.

To update a new version of Software you need to contact ANTRAX tech support manager or address via Support Center.

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