Lucky 7 about bulk SMS sending

2 directions + 3 reasons + 2 ways and advantages

Nowadays, almost everyone in the world has a cell phone able to receive SMS.
Time ago, SMS was used simply for communication between people, but lately, the field of advertising and marketing explored bulk SMS sending having opened a wide range of SMS activities. This B2C kind of alerting conquered an essential part of communication between company and a person.

 There are 2 directions where sending SMS messages is a valuable tool:
  • business-sms-usageAdvertisements. Promo offers to your customers, limited time sales, following up with business prospects,  informing about launching of new products and prices.
  • Customer relationship. Order confirmations, delivery alerts, congratulations with birthdays and other red-letter days.

Though, companies, which provide such services in the INTERNET, usually called bulk SMS providers, their services are often used for personal matter, automatic sending or workflow notifications.

 3 reasons to use bulk SMS sending:
  1.  Speed. It is really fast to do bulk SMS sending and ensure quick delivery.
  2. Readability. SMS is almost always read by subscribers, especially when they are expecting it.sms
  3. Cost. One touch is much cheaper than any other kind of customer connection.

Huge potential of bulk SMS sending is widely used by: financial, medical and educational institutions, government agencies and private enterprises.

 You can choose 2 ways of SMS sending:

Both ways have their obvious advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a private person and need to arrange bulk SMS sessions a couple of times, the best way for you is to use online service of SMS sending. Also, it is easier and faster to arrange the mass sending with your own SMS solution.

But if you need it for a company or any other institution that permanently sends SMS to its’ customers, subscribers or participants, the most convenient solution here is to use your own SMS Gateway. So you pay once and save later. Also, the key advantage of buying SMS Gateway is that all the clients database (including telephone numbers) will stay absolutely private.

gsm gateway

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