Twit expert’s answers #1

We start new series of issues of the most frequently asked questions by our visitors. They will be useful not only for those who are going to start terminating, but also for skilled terminators.

Just 3 hot questions -> 3 short answers:

  • Codecs
  • Internet bandwidth
  • VPN

1. What codecs is your GSM gateway comparable with?

G729:2, G729A, G723, G711A, G711U.

2. What should the Internet bandwidth for the equipment you offer be?

Internet bandwidth with stable connection should be no less than:
1 Mbps for mini rack 2U
4 Mbps for Simbox (300 SIMs)
8 Mbps for GSM gateway (30 GSM channels)

3. What about safety? Do you provide VPN?

Yes sure, for the safety of our clients and their GSM termination business our technical department arranges Virtual Private Network.

If you still have any questions – please use chat or contact us by form below.

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